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and only $54!

September 30, 2006 3 comments

Joy! Ana will be pleased to know that, in addition to the new “contoured fit” offerings at Banana, LOFT now has a “curvy fit” jean–yes, a JEAN–and it fits pretty much perfectly. (I say pretty much because my body is totally not standard and nothing that comes off rack is perfect on me.) The waist cuts in in the right place, the legs fit slim through the thighs, and they don’t show off my crack when I sit down. These things are all HUGE.

I’ll note that LOFT doesn’t have the curvy fit in petites, but that’s OK, because I think LOFT thinks that all short women wear pants with a 28″ inseam. That’s fine for highwaters, but if I want to wear even the slightest hint of a heel (which most short women do), I need at least a 31″ inseam. It’s all good, though–it’s much easier to have a pair of jeans hemmed (with the edge sown back on) than to have the waist taken in. And cheaper.

So, curvy women everywhere–REJOICE! The chains are getting it! Real women have curves!

All Request Week: "Law School Rocks Because…"

September 30, 2006 Comments off

What’s my favorite part about law school?

There are two answers to this question: the “right” answer and the “real” answer. I’ll start with the “right” answer.

My favorite thing about law school is the intellectual process. It’s a different kind of process, and it’s one I really enjoy. It’s a process that encourages you to dig into the ambiguities, into the nuances, and really dig around. It’s not so much about finding the right answer as it is about exploring the possibilities. I like that. And, as a law student, you can start doing that pretty much right away, as soon as you’ve figured out how to “think like a lawyer.”

I heard someone say recently that the great thing about teaching in law school is that, once the students have gotten through the first year and have started thinking like lawyers, they are less “students” and more “junior colleagues.” I think there’s a lot of truth in that, and it’s really cool. I can participate just as fully in a legal conversation as my professor. I might not have read as much as she has, but I can analyze the legal issues and contribute my ideas just as successfully as she can. It’s empowering, actually.

So that’s the “right” answer for my favorite thing about law school: it’s an intellectually rigorous process that encourages you to swim in the ambiguities and recognizes that you can contribute almost immediately.

The “real” answer? Law school is about four hundred million times better than work, and I go to school with some really cool people. I am also lucky to be in school in a really beautiful campus in a really vibrant city. Because, face it, all that stuff about intellectual rigor pretty much becomes worthless if you can’t enjoy yourself because you hate your classmates or feel opressed by your physical surroundings.

That was fun! Look for more request answers coming up soon!

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September 30, 2006 Comments off

Waaaa! I just spent thirty minutes composing a really good answer to one of the questions someone asked me. And it DISAPPEARED. Poof! Gone! (I did spill coffee on myself and I may have pushed a button, but I can’t figure out what button I might have pushed. And it went away.)

Boo. I’m sad now. It was a fun entry to write, and now I don’t have time to recompose it. Boo. Boo, boo, boo.

I guess I’ll try again later. Boo.

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i'll ask you ONE MORE TIME

September 29, 2006 4 comments

Apparently no one caught on to my ALL REQUEST WEEK thing I posted earlier this week. And now? THE WEEK IS OVER, BITCHES. No request-answering for YOU. Hah! (That’ll show you!)

Punchy, aren’t I? Maybe it’s because this week wasn’t really any better than last week, and I’ve been insanely busy and I don’t know what I’m doing with half the things I have to do, and I still don’t know where I’ll be working next summer, AND I’M HUNGRY.

All that being said, I am starting to sort of settle into the semester and I am feeling competent again. Not terribly competent, of course, but much more so than I was feeling last week–and for that matter, Monday. I’m getting back into the swing of things–but it’s not a good sign that it’s taken me four weeks of class to get there.

Since that’s about all I can come up with today, I’ve decided to extend my ALL REQUEST WEEK into an ALL REQUEST WEEKEND! That’s right–ask your burning questions–serious, funny, even rhetorical, and I’ll attempt to answer them. Don’t bother worrying if I’ve written about it before, either. If you don’t know, chances are no one else does, either, and who’s going to take the time to dig through the archives to find out, right?

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September 28, 2006 3 comments

Kids, I am officially OVER the Derek-Meredith plot line. SICK AND TIRED OF IT. It’s boring, it’s done to death, and Ellen Pompeo has about as much charisma as a carrot. Which, by the way, she should eat more of. Preferably smeared with some peanut butter.

Far more interesting is the Christina-Burke plot line, Callie in general, Addison in general, and, frankly, even Izzie’s baking frenzy.

So, Shonda, I think you do GREAT WORK. But the best thing you did for the show was bring Addison in so that Derek and Meredith would NOT be able to be together.

OK. /rant

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September 26, 2006 1 comment

Oh gag Federal Courts.

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i know, i know, it's the easy way out

September 26, 2006 Comments off

I got nothin’.

I’d like to write something, I really would. It would help keep my page formatting from freaking out (stupid CSS), and it might actually be cathartic or enjoyable. But I don’t have anything to write about.

Or, rather, I have things I could write about but I’m not going to write about them. Despite my careful omission of Googleable details around here, I’m not stupid enough to think that I’m at all anoymous. So the things I’d write about are off the table. Ah well. I’m sure I’d drive off all of my readers if I were to wallow in all that self-indulgence.

So I guess I’ll do the lame thing–though I haven’t done it in a while–and make this a Milbarge-style All Request Week. Any questions you’re DYING to have me answer? Post ’em in the comments and I’ll tackle them this week.

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September 25, 2006 Comments off

I really thought the week from hell was over Friday. I was wrong; it appears to be continuing into this week. See:

On deck, socially and pseudo-socially:

  • dinner with my brother tomorrow night
  • reception Wednesday night
  • lunch Thursday
  • dinner Thursday
  • event-thing Friday

Also on my plate, academically and pseudo-academically:

  • things to grade
  • classes (not my usual classes) to attend
  • people to call
  • things to cancel
  • research to do
  • writing to do
  • reading to do

And a house to clean, because we have overnight guests this coming Sunday.


At least I have my dog back.

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Weekly Law School Roundup #37

September 24, 2006 Comments off

Welcome to the slightly-late-but-still-on-Sunday! Law School Roundup, the “Things that Make You Go Hmmmm” edition.

And that’s it for this week! Look for next week’s Roundup at Evan Schaeffer’s Legal Underground, and in two weeks, it’s back here!

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meh meh MEH

September 24, 2006 2 comments

What a total buzzkill.

Since we have our rent car until tomorrow morning, I took it to the grocery to stock up on stuff I don’t want to carry home from the grocery. And I drove home and got a SWEET spot on the street, just a few doors down from our apartment.

And then discovered that the idiot bagger at the grocery had neglected to put TWO of my items in my bags–and they are two items that are ENTREE items. So I can’t make dinner two nights this week because my chicken and my beef are in someone else’s bag. I called and they’re happy to refund my money or give me a credit the next time I’m in, but it was too late to put similar items in a bag and have the delivery driver bring them by. So sometime this week, I have to walk BACK to the grocery, find two more entree items, and deal with the whole customer service nonsense.

Sigh. Not the end to the weekend I was looking forward to.

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