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stupid me, wasting time

September 1, 2006 2 comments

Leave it to me to be the procrastinatey type.

Classes start Tuesday. OCI is over today. What will I be doing this weekend? Bluebooking, for my summer job.

Now, it’s a good thing I generally enjoy Bluebooking. It’s almost mindless, soothing in a way. But the weather this weekend is going to be INSANELY beautiful, we’re about to head into my worst semester EVER (and that includes college), and I think I’m going to want to take some time off!

But I will, instead, be Bluebooking. Why? Because I put it off. And off, and off, and off. Shame on me, I have no one to blame but myself.

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inviting a citation manual up to see my etchings

August 10, 2006 Comments off

It looks like I’ll be spending the next four or five days making happy with my Bluebook. End-of-summer assignments are coming due, drafts are being finalized, and, hey, I wasn’t planning on going anywhere this weekend.

So I apolgize in advance for any gobbledy-gook I might start spewing. At the very least, I’ll try to avoid using the sanctioned abbreviations in my posts.

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two things

August 6, 2006 1 comment

1) I am in an airport (I repeat: in an airport) and am online FOR FREE. Kids, it’s enough to make me want to come back to Pittsburg more often! Completely cool. More airports should consider providing free wireless. Commercial vendors don’t get many users, and they certainly don’t get as many as they could, since most pricing models are per day and who really needs that much wireless when they’re traveling? So, Pittsburgh airport, you kick ass.

2) I go to law school with some really nice people. Nice people kick ass.

OK. That’s all.

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today has been a good day

August 1, 2006 3 comments

Despite the heat, I am having a good evening. Yes, yes I am. In fact, it’s a VERY GOOD EVENING. And that’s all I’m going to say about THAT.

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time does fly

August 1, 2006 Comments off

I just realized, to my shock, that my summer class is over next week. Damn.

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i need a break from summer break

July 27, 2006 1 comment

So I’m in this place right now where my projects for my summer jobs are coming to completion, and my class is starting to get busier, and a variety of administrative things are coming due (like loan paperwork, class selection, OCI stuff), and yet I am feeling almost bored.

I almost don’t know what to do with myself. I worked all day today–on stuff for work, stuff for OCI, stuff around the house (four loads of laundry)–so I don’t want to work on stuff for class tonight. But I don’t want to just sit and watch TV. And I don’t want to read, since it seems every book I pick up lately is about a woman who makes the worst life choices I can imagine, and those stories make me want to throw the books across the room. I hoped we might go out tonight, but Mr. Angst is feeling sick, and we’re going out tomorrow, so I’m just sort of sitting around doing not much.

The end of the summer is turning out to be . . . sadder, maybe? . . . than I expected. Frankly, I’m ready for school to start, to get back classes, to see my friends on a regular basis, to have social structure again. Meh.

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dream an impossible dream

July 26, 2006 2 comments

Ladies and gentlemen, it is possible.

I had a productive meeting with career services today. I got good advice, some of it stuff I actually hadn’t heard before, some of it stuff that wasn’t just common sense. I actually feel a million times better about my strategy for OCI now, and I have a plan!

Yes, Virginia, sometimes career services can help you.

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a letter, because letters let you vent passive aggressively

July 24, 2006 1 comment

Dear Shitty Downstairs Neighbors:

Yeah, I know you’re all moving in a month. That’s great — you have NO idea how excited Mr. Angst and I are that you and your drum kit and mix table will be gone by September 1. This does not mean, however, that we are willing to sit by and listen to you beat on your drums and play your music louder than any human being should have any tolerance for — in the middle of the evening, no less! Play your damn drums, but play them during the day, when we are AT WORK.

Let me give you a tip: if your music is so loud that you can’t hear us beating on your door, it’s TOO LOUD. Further, because you have seen our reaction to your loud music — more than once! — I will bear no responsibility if Mr. Angst goes postal on you one of these days. Moreover, if he has a heart attack in the next five weeks, I will immediately blame you, because I have NEVER seen him get as angry as he does when you beat on your drums and blast your music in the middle of the evening.

Downstairs Neighbors, we want your final weeks here to be as pleasant as possible for you and for us, though, of course, mostly for us. So keep it the hell down and I won’t call the cops on you.

Your (Legally Educated) Upstairs Neighbors

P.S. If you ever again make this much noise the night before I have a TEST, I will figure out a way to lock you out of the building.

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sorry, just let me whine here for a bit.

July 23, 2006 4 comments

I have a test on Tuesday.


I sort of hoped taking a summer class (particularly the summer class I am taking) would exempt me from all the normal angst that accompanies law school assessment. But no. No, I was wrong. So here I am, on a beautiful Sunday, sitting at the dining room table (we have a dining room! Huzzah!), surrounded by paper and books and highlighters, studying.

I know, I know. I shouldn’t bitch–after all, I’m not taking the bar exam. Still, I find it somewhat unfair that my Sunday, which could have been full of things like breadmaking, or pastrymaking or even just pleasure reading, is instead consumed with studying.

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bad weather and printers

July 20, 2006 Comments off

When the weather is this wretched (pouring rain and thunder) even the prospect of free Westlaw printing is not enough to get me to drag my butt to school to do work. Instead, I plan to scrounge around the apartment and find every piece of paper that has only been printed on one side, using those to print out the stack of cases I’ll be reading today. Because Lord knows I’m not going to use what little printer paper I have. That would be wasteful. And then I’d run out and have to go buy more–in the weather. No thanks.

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