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I wish I were happy for Fridays

February 1, 2008 Comments off

TGIF my foot.

Between the piles of snow that fell on us last night, the frustration of dealing with some administrative hassles, and the never-ending sinus congestion, today has been a pretty pissy day. Fridays always seem to end up like this. I think it’s because, as I finish out the week, I have to deal with all the little things that have piled up over the last five days, and that inevitably leads to me being disappointed in the way someone did something, which leads to me having to put on my “scolding” hat, and GOSH do I hate that hat. I really dislike having to call people out for doing a bad job, especially when those people are capable, intelligent adults. Sigh.

Despite all of the above, I’m not in a wretched mood. But neither am dancing in the streets. I actually suspect the only things keeping me from being in the aforementioned wretched mood are the good feedback I got on a clinic assignment and the 20 minutes I spent watching the dog play in the piles of snow. Since those things bracketed my day (got the feedback early this morning, and just came in from playing with the dog), all the other stuff in the middle is not hitting me as harshly as it otherwise might. I’m going to try and keep it that way.

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a little pre-Christmas sad

December 22, 2007 1 comment

We have dropped off Himself to be boarded over the next week while we are in Texas with my family. I hate boarding him, but this is really the best option—it’s impossible to fly with an animal, even a relatively small and terribly well-behaved one, and driving is just out of the question in years when we spend the holidays with my family. (The Angst-in-laws are within driving distance.)

The particular trouble this year is that we couldn’t board where we usually do—our vet. Our former upstairs neighbor works at our vet, so we feel very comfortable leaving him there—and they all love him and know his personality and temperament and he comes home happy. But we didn’t call our vet soon enough this year to get a spot over the Christmas holidays, so we’ve had to board him somewhere else, which makes me even sadder than usual. I’m usually pretty sad after dropping him off, but when he’s at the vet, at least I know he’s loved and gets plenty of attention and that makes it easier. This time around, we’ve had to board him at a local kennel—which gets very good reviews all around—but it’s just not the same.

So now I’m sitting at home, taking a little rest before I finish packing and cleaning the apartment, and looking at Himself’s little bed and just missing him. It doesn’t help that I’m watching The Wizard of Oz and Toto is just so cute—and a terrier, with that familiar intelligent gleam in his eye—and I just really wish I had my dog to hug on.

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dog = too cute

November 11, 2007 4 comments

Still really busy. This isn’t a real update. I just wanted to say that we lit a fire in our fireplace this afternoon (because our apartment is COLD) and the dog has found his new best friend. He LOVES sitting in front of that fire. He’s all stretched out on the hearth, soaking up the warm. I keep wanting to watch him instead of working.


Per request, here’s a pic. He got cuter later, when he flopped over on his side and stretched out.


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Sunday dogblogging

September 30, 2007 2 comments

Himself has recently rediscovered the joy that is chewing on the Kong. (I say “rediscovered”—it happened when we took away another of his toys, one made of fabric, because was starting to hack up little pieces of yellow felt.)

At any rate, he gets a little . . . obsessive . . . with the Kong, to the point of not really realizing where he is or what’s about to happen. Right after this was taken, the Kong fell on the floor, and he followed. I say he’s a smart dog, but . . .


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manipulative pup

August 28, 2007 1 comment

The dog is currently being cute to get my attention.


cute dog

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good timing

August 22, 2007 Comments off

Since Mr. Angst is working and I am not (and since my school schedule will be . . . not morning intensive) we have swapped doggie duties—Mr. Angst now gets up and takes Himself out early, and I take him out in the evening.

This evening, I was going to wait till 11 to take him out, since he didn’t need to go out earlier, and that pushes the morning walk back a bit. But by 10:30 I was ready to get into my jammies, pick up a book, and settle in, so I took him down then.

As Himself did his business, I felt a sprinkling of rain—just a bit, just a sprinkling—but by the time we got back to the door, the wind was picking up and the raindrops were just a bit heavier. Whew! I thought. Good thing I decided to bring Himself down a bit early.

Good thing, indeed. Because a few minutes ago, I saw a flash of something out of the corner of my eye, and then another, and another. And then the thunder began. Himself went from sitting on the office couch, which is right under a window, to sitting under my desk, right by my feet, even though the actual difference between the two spots is all of two feet. He’s a little quivery and he’s cowering with every flash and roll. I can only imagine the disaster he’d be if I’d tried to take him out to pee in this.

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Himself luuuuuuuvs me

July 2, 2007 1 comment

Today, I had to stay late at work to get a couple of things done. This meant that I didn’t take Himself on his evening walk, Mr. Angst did. So his walking time was right around the time when I came home. Usually I would take the west elevator, which is on the same side of the building as our apartment, but I wanted to check the mail, so I went around the other side of the building. After stopping at the mailboxes, I walked toward the east elevator, which also happens to be the pet elevator (dogs aren’t allowed in the other one).

As I walked toward the elevator, I saw a super cute brown and white dog sitting patiently with its owner. I thought to myself, THAT is a super cute little dog. And then I realized, a split second later, WAIT! That’s MY dog! Himself realized I was me right around the same split second, because he jumped to all fours, his tail wagging off his body as I came closer.

I’m sure the other lady sharing the elevator with us thought Himself was the worst little dog ever, because he was just going INSANE. He was whimpering-whining and jumping up to lick my face and hands, and really just going CRAZY. But once she saw that he was just really happy to see his Mom, she smiled a little, even if she did step back into the corner of the elevator while Himself tried to crawl up my leg.

But at the time, all I could think was how cool it was that my dog loves me that much. He’s a good boy.

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a list, for you.

May 7, 2007 4 comments

1) Will someone explain the grand jury to me? I still don’t understand it.
2) The article I did research for last summer has been picked up by a law review. This is very exciting for me. My name! In a footnote!
3) My resume is officially on two pages. I’m not sure what to do about that.
4) Why is a general negligence duty less preferable to a narrower, affirmative duty to comply with some specific standard?
5) We got Himself a new tag (he’s been without one for a while) and now he tinkle-tinkle-tinkles around the apartment. The tinkling woke me up at 6 am today. Boo.

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it's a sunshine day

May 3, 2007 Comments off

Admin down. Boo-yah. Per normal, I realized approximately three hours after the exam just how royally I had screwed up one particular issue. ROCK. Really, though, I feel pretty OK about it. But I’m finally at this place where the exam process no longer scares the shit out of me. It’s a test. I have to regurgitate all the things I learned over the semester in rough IRAC format in response to a fact pattern in about three hours. It sucks, but it’s just a thing, right? I went in, I took it, and I left.

So, one more exam to go, plus a paper revision (which is not going to write itself, Self, so you better get cracking on that!) and a bunch of editing. And some shopping for work clothes before I start in approximately ELEVEN days. Gasp! (And a hair appointment, because you know it’s starting to look bad when even random people tell you you have a lot of gray. AWESOME.)

But right now, I’m chilling with the dog, debating about whether it warmed up enough for me to change clothes before I take him on his afternoon walk. He’s awfully cute, too–not necessarily chasing squirrels in his sleep, but certainly smelling them.

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more dog! now with more towels!

April 5, 2007 4 comments

Ana asked for dog pics. So here are some dog pics. Some of these may be old. But they’re all CUTE!

The dog walker appears to be working out, by the way. I’ve been able to stay at school later every day this week and I’ve been able to get bunches done. It’s good!

begging don’t even think about it MINE! pious towel2 looks good in pink hair grippy belly

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