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Law School Roundup #102

December 30, 2007 Comments off

Welcome to the post-Christmas, pre-New Year edition of the law school roundup, featuring posts inspired by (or just published during) the holidays. Enjoy!

And that’s it for this week’s Roundup. Look for it next week at Evan Schaeffer’s Legal Underground. It’ll be back here in two weeks.

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December 29, 2007 1 comment

After a week of travel and family and Christmas and food and more food and presents and more food, Mr. Angst and I are back home with Himself. ((Who, by the way, is completely zonked out. Maybe just being boarded is exhausting for him? He doesn’t get as much exercise as he might when boarded since he can’t be put in with the general population of dogs to play and wear himself out, but he’s definitely worn out. Maybe he feels a little like I do—he’s home and can finally relax.))

All is right with the world.

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a little pre-Christmas sad

December 22, 2007 1 comment

We have dropped off Himself to be boarded over the next week while we are in Texas with my family. I hate boarding him, but this is really the best option—it’s impossible to fly with an animal, even a relatively small and terribly well-behaved one, and driving is just out of the question in years when we spend the holidays with my family. (The Angst-in-laws are within driving distance.)

The particular trouble this year is that we couldn’t board where we usually do—our vet. Our former upstairs neighbor works at our vet, so we feel very comfortable leaving him there—and they all love him and know his personality and temperament and he comes home happy. But we didn’t call our vet soon enough this year to get a spot over the Christmas holidays, so we’ve had to board him somewhere else, which makes me even sadder than usual. I’m usually pretty sad after dropping him off, but when he’s at the vet, at least I know he’s loved and gets plenty of attention and that makes it easier. This time around, we’ve had to board him at a local kennel—which gets very good reviews all around—but it’s just not the same.

So now I’m sitting at home, taking a little rest before I finish packing and cleaning the apartment, and looking at Himself’s little bed and just missing him. It doesn’t help that I’m watching The Wizard of Oz and Toto is just so cute—and a terrier, with that familiar intelligent gleam in his eye—and I just really wish I had my dog to hug on.

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oh the crazy—redux

December 21, 2007 1 comment

I promised a follow-up, so here it is!

First, if someone at UPS tells you something you either don’t believe or don’t want to hear, call back and talk to someone else. Yesterday, I called UPS to check on the status of my claim, and the girl I spoke to said she couldn’t tell me anything since I wasn’t the shipper. I told her that the shipper didn’t call in the claim, that there was no problem with the shipper, that I brought it to the attention of UPS, and I was pretty sure the shipper didn’t know there WAS a problem. She said, “No, we’ve been in touch with the shipper. You’ll have to contact them for updates.”

That seemed fishy to me, but I let it go, because I had an exam to take. And I went and took my exam and then did some post-exam shopping, and then came home to get ready to go out and have fun, celebrating the end of the semester.

But this morning, I got nervous—after all, Christmas is on Tuesday, and I still didn’t know if this package was going to arrive on time. So I called UPS again. This time, I got a more helpful—and probably smarter, and possibly less harried—customer service agent. I told her what I’d been told yesterday and she said (and this is EXACTLY what she said and I wish I could replicate her tone), “What? Really?”

So I explained to her that I was getting desperate, and I needed to know something. And she was great. She took a look at the history of my package (and as she was looking at it said something like, “OK, shipped to Texas, and then . . . oh wow, Florida, wow, how did THAT happen . . . what the heck? . . . OK . . . Yeah, we’re still trying to locate that box. Boy that’s strange!). She told me they are still trying to get in touch with Florida Lady. She told me UPS would reimburse the shipper the cost of sending me a new package overnight so it would arrive by Christmas. Though she said I’d need to call them and arrange for the new shipment, she also said if they gave me trouble, to just conference them in with UPS so the UPS people could corroborate my story.

So that’s what I did. (Well, the conference call wasn’t necessary, thank goodness.) The company has already sent out a new package, overnight delivery, and they told me they would deal with UPS from now on, so I didn’t need to worry about anything.

Despite the tremendous hassle this was—from trying (in vain) to reach Florida Lady, to calling UPS multiple times, to calling the shipper multiple times (they’re a small company and don’t appear to have very many more than one customer service person), to being generally very fretful about all of this at a time when I was trying to prepare for my exam—it all worked out pretty well, and I am pretty happy with both UPS and with the company I bought this gift from. With the exception of that one customer service girl, everyone has been very nice and very understanding of how important it is that I get this package before Christmas. They’ve all been very accommodating, and I appreciate that.

I guess this delivery horror story is now just cocktail party fodder. (And I think it will be terrific in that role—I’ve told the story to a few friends already and the universal response has been shock and amazement of the really gratifying kind.) I’m glad everything turned out well enough that I can continue to tell the story and have it be humorous, rather than a reminder of something more bitter and ugly.

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oh the crazy

December 19, 2007 2 comments

Did you think you’d get through this holiday season without having to read a delivery horror story from me?

You’d be wrong.

Today’s doghouse resident: UPS.

I am proudest of one of the first gifts I ordered this holiday season. Inspiration struck me out of the blue, and I knew exactly what to get this particular family member. So I ordered this particular (very cool) gift right away, on December 6. The next day I got an email from the company I ordered from telling me my order had been fulfilled and giving me the tracking number. I cheered, knowing that at least one gift was taken care of and would arrive at my dad’s house in Texas in plenty of time to be opened on Christmas Day. I didn’t track the package because I figured it would get there when it got there, and I wouldn’t be down there to open it and wrap it until the 23rd.

On Monday, I got a phone call from a nice lady in Florida telling me that she had my package and wanted to know when I could come pick it up.

Florida Lady’s address is the same as my dad’s—except for, of course, the CITY, STATE, and ZIP CODE.

I immediately got online and looked up the tracking number so I could see what the heck was going on. I first blamed the vendor—the stupid company probably got the address wrong on the shipping label, so I’d just call and make them send a new order to the correct address, and deal with getting the other order back on their own time. But the invoice showed the correct address—me, care of my dad, at his address in Texas. So I pulled up the tracking information.

There it was, on December 12:


And then they sent it to Florida.

I spent quite a bit of time on the phone yesterday morning with UPS trying to figure out (a) how this happened, (b) how I was going to get my package, since Florida Lady had given me her phone number but wasn’t answering her phone and her voice mail was full, and (c) what UPS was going to do to FIX IT.

To be fair, UPS was very apologetic (though I am sure it is in the customer service script that they are to apologize every time they say anything to a customer who has lost a package), and they are doing everything they can to get my package back from Florida Lady and on to Texas. They also got detailed information on what was in the box (including item numbers), presumably so that, if the package is gone, they can just call the vendor and order a new one on their dime and overnight it to Texas in time for Christmas.

Of course, I’m not completely won over—after all, they screwed up. I am just not sure how someone in Texas decided that my dad’s perfectly valid address was not valid, and then how that someone decided that I really meant the package to go to the same address but in a different city and state. I bet there are other cities in this country that also have an address with the same number and street as my dad’s—I guess I’m lucky they happened to send it to someone who was nice enough to call me and say, Hey, I’ve got your package here!

Simply unbelievable. I’ll keep you posted on what happens next.

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it was long enough ago that now it's just cool

December 18, 2007 Comments off

I just finished watching the new trailer for The Dark Knight, and let me say, while I spent a good chunk of my summer seriously annoyed by the transportation snafus filming caused around here (bus reroutes, street closures, etc.), I also spent a good chunk of my summer keeping an eye on what buildings and streets were being filmed as well as what “set pieces” were left sitting around on streets ((This doesn’t even mention the very cool bit of filming I and some friends saw one night, which I am pretty sure is ALSO in the trailer, though not the whole thing, and not the thing that we saw that was the coolest.)) and it is Very Cool to see those streets and buildings showing up even just in the trailer. It’s just going to be that much cooler to see the movie when it comes out next summer, right before I have to take the bar.

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reality bites

December 18, 2007 Comments off

I won’t say I don’t like having a little more time to study and prepare my outline. I do—I think I’ve been able to absorb more of the material this way, internalize it more.

But because of this “leisurely” study pace, I feel like I’ve been working on B.A. for-ev-er. (I kind of have—at least a week now, by my count.) I need to just get done with all this outlining stuff and print the damn thing out, tab it all to hell, and start doing practice exams.

I only have a few more pages of notes to process, so I should be able to start the tabbing tonight. Practice tests tonight and tomorrow. Exam tomorrow afternoon or Thursday morning. And then?

Back to journal editing. Yeah, no wonder I’m taking my time.

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Law School Roundup #100

December 17, 2007 Comments off

We have passed into the triple digits for this iteration of the Law School Roundup! In celebration, I present you with holiday-themed (or not) posts by law students present and past. Happy Holidays, all!

Look for next week’s roundup at Evan Schaeffer’s Legal Underground and, in two weeks, right back here.

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stupid weather

December 16, 2007 2 comments

This weather makes my skin dry, which usually manifests in an itchy back or ankles. Until today. My fingers were itching, so I took off my rings to discover dry, peeling skin underneath. Ack! My rings are platinum, so I’m pretty sure this isn’t an allergic reaction, so I’m hoping it’s just the weather. Even so, it’s pretty pissy that my rings are rubbing my finger in a way that LOOKS like I’m allergic to them.


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December 16, 2007 Comments off

I have a task chair at my desk, and it’s really all I need. My desk is small and compact and I like having a small and compact chair to go with it.

However, the small, compact chair has its drawbacks. Notably, it’s a little unstable if I lean over in it. Usually I can tell if it’s starting to tip in time to correct it, but not always. Even when it does tip, I’m usually right by the futon in the office, so I catch myself—or I’ve got my feet planted on the ground because I’m leaning over in the chair to get something from the printer, so I just end up half-squatting, half-standing while the chair skates across the floor on its side.

Well, yesterday I was leaning over in my chair, towards the futon, because I wanted to play with the dog. The dog was on the futon, blocking my easiest path to safety when the chair skidded out from under me. So I landed on the floor. On my butt. Hard.

It wasn’t fun at the time, but I didn’t think it was all that big a deal. It didn’t bother me at all yesterday afternoon and evening.

But I got up this morning, and my butt hurts. It even hurts to sit on the soft, cushy couch. I’m afraid to actually look at it because I’m sure it’s ugly and bruised. My butt is bruised. Because of my cheap chair.

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