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April 30, 2005 1 comment

I have some really pretty bruises right now.

The biggest, a blobby, irregular thing, is smack in the middle of my right thigh. It’s PINK, which, if you know anything about bruises means it’s a pretty nasty contusion. A little purple around the edges, too.

The next one is just below that one, and it has a nice scratch mark through it—amazing what cardboard boxes can to do flesh, even through denim.

Moving on, I have a dark pink spot, with a purpling swell right next to it—deep bruise PLUS shallow bruise!—on the underside of my left forearm. And I have several other dark pink spots that, I’m sure, will blossom into puce flowers over the next few days.

They’re worth it, though. The bulk of the move is done. The guy who was supposed to buy the bed flaked (live in My Fair City? Need a queen-size bed? I’ve got a good deal for you), so the bed is still in the house. I reposted it on Craigslist and am hoping for some bites in the next couple of days. If I hear nothing by Monday, I hope we can get a friend to help us drop it at the Salvation Army or somewhere else. Urk.

Um, so, yeah. Other than the bed, though, we have only some cabinets to empty, and a few little piles of things to toss into boxes. All the furniture is out, and most of our clothes are in our new closet. We have built-in shelves in the new place, so I’ve unpacked lots of our books, and we ate dinner here tonight.

I’m a little shellshocked, to be honest. We’ve lived in that home for a while. Mr. Angst has owned it for four years, and while I haven’t lived there the whole time, when I didn’t, it was always my other home. I am thrilled to be moving on, yes, but this new apartment feels like an inexpensive resort cabin right now—sort of empty and soulless, with a generic aura.

The whole change thing overwhelmed me this afternoon, while I was loading up some necessities from the house—cereal bowls, pillows and sheets, and the removable shelves for the bookcase we’re keeping. Of course, the shock exhibited as a meltdown and I found myself repeating endlessly, “Do what you can, a little at a time. Do what you can, a little at a time.” The amount we have left to do isn’t all that great, but somehow, with all the other emotions swirling through me, I could only see the un-done-ness of it all. And I lost it.

The move isn’t over. But the beginning of it is over, and most of the middle. Now, I guess, we’re in cleanup mode. Tomorrow probably won’t be much fun—though it probably won’t be as bad as today—but it will eventually end. And then we’ll have a few months to make this place home before we totally uproot ourselves.

I’ve never doubted our decision to move far away for school, but I’m beginning to see the dark side of that decision. I don’t like this moving thing. I’m at the age where I should be settling down and feathering my nest—but instead, I feel like I’m back in college, living out of boxes.

Boy, this post took a morbid turn. I’ll try to be chipper again soon.

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radio silence not entered

April 30, 2005 1 comment

It’s raining. Why does it have to rain on our moving day? I’m annoyed.

So we’re slowly gathering things together, getting ready to just throw them in the truck when we can. We’re doing our last email checks. We’re reading the news. We’re hoping the rain will stop soon.

Sigh. I hate this. It’s not fun at all.

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Reason #716 to love my new school

April 29, 2005 3 comments

I’ve been living in a city with a top-ten college football team for too long.

Out of curiosity, I looked up season ticket prices for my future school’s football team—a Division 1 team, just like the team here in town—saw the price, and immediately thought it must be a per-game price. Um, nope. Season tickets for the season (at least, last year) were less than $50. Total. For six games. And that’s just football. Other sporting events are FREE. (Except maybe basketball. Maybe.)

I haven’t been to a free Division 1 sporting event EVER. I am a little stunned. Free. Wow. Football for less than $50. (That’s 1/6th the price we paid per seat last year for season tickets here!) Wow.

I am DEFINITELY going to some football games this fall.

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bags and more bags

April 29, 2005 4 comments

I think I’ve decided to get this bag for school. In the red-silver-red color combination. I know, it’s a messenger bag, and I want to save my back and all, but these messenger bags have the coolest feature—a back strap. It’s an extra strap that goes around your back and secures the bag to you, so it doesn’t flop around. I can only see that this would be helpful for my lower back and all.

Meanwhile, I will apologize now for what I’m sure will be a dearth of posting today and this weekend. For one thing, we’ll be entering radio silence sometime this evening when we dismantle the home network, and we’ll be offline until we can get everything set back up sometime tomorrow evening, after our cable has been turned on in the new place. I’m going to be a little wigged out without my always-on internet access, but I think I’ll pull through.

I’m trying to keep my eye on the prize through it all—this is just the first of many big steps we have to take so that we can get us some more book learnin’. I just have to suck up the inconvenience and stress for a couple more days and it will all be behind us.

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Friday Spies&copy: Karnak the Magnificent Edition

April 29, 2005 Comments off

Via the boy(s) and girl at BTQ.

This week we’re going to change it up a bit. Instead of five lame questions, Friday Spies is going Karnak-style with five lame answers:

1. Archibald Leach, Bernard Schwartz, Lucille LeSueur.

I’m casting a movie, and I need a real ladies’ man in the title role. He needs to be sensitive and dapper and he will, preferably, have a permatan. This will be to offset the leading lady, who will totally emasculate him. I’d like her to have a sort of scary, drawn-on-eyebrows kind of look. Oh, and they’ll need a best friend/neighbor guy, someone the leading man should worry is hopping in the sack with his woman, but for some reason, never will suspect. He’ll also be the comic foil. He may put on ladies’ clothes at some point in the film.

It would be really helpful if these were all completely unknown names. Who should I cast?

[Ed: I see now that I am not well-versed enough in TV trivia to have gotten the reference. I still stand by my question, though.]

2. To get to the other side.

Why did the chicken sell or give away half of her worldy goods, move with the rooster to the smallest one-bedroom apartment known on earth, and sign away her life for more education?

3. Drugs. Massive quantities of drugs.

What is the best gift someone could give THL right now?

4. Milbarge.

Who’s the black private dick that’s a sex machine to all the….oh, wait. Wrong question.

5. Without question, the single most idiotic thing ever thought up by the human mind.

What is Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper?

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April 28, 2005 Comments off

There’s a reason I only ski in Lake Tahoe. I don’t even want to think about 30-foot waves rushing at me when the water is that cold.

I’ll be on the mountain, thank you very much.

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April 28, 2005 1 comment

Reason #487 why my future school is going to be very cool:

On the admitted students’ discussion board, the Director of Admissions just chimed into a conversation about neighborhoods by mentioning his favorite taqueria in a particular area.

Love it.

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i can't help it, i'm drawn that way

April 27, 2005 2 comments

Because I’m anal and a bit of a stress bunny, I sent my school an email asking if they’d received my deposit. I had to know.

They have. All is well. I’m still going to law school.

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can you call it nostalgia if you're only looking back five months?

April 27, 2005 2 comments

I’ve been doing some cleaning out of my email boxes—I guess, since our house is a mess, I feel the need to tidy up where I can, when I can—and I’ve been looking at the emails I’ve gotten from my future school.

In particular, I was reading the email I got that announced my admission, and remembering the utter shock I felt. It’s a nice sort of memory, inspiring very Sally Field-ish, “You like me! You really, really like me!” kinds of feelings.

I probably don’t reflect on this stuff enough, because it is ocurring to me all over again just how lucky I am. I got into a school that was, early on, at the top of my list. I got into a school that meets almost all of my criteria for a law school. I got into a school in the same city as a school my husband got in to—the school that ended up being the best choice for him.

So there will be debt—we knew that going in. So we have hassles to deal with ahead of the fall semester, including moving twice and selling our house and maybe a car and finding a new place to live in our new city.

But so what? We are lucky. We get to go where we want to go. We get to study what we want to study in a city that we are both extremely excited about. We get to be together. I’m glad I chose today to reorganize my email folders. I needed a little wonder back.

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head spinning

April 27, 2005 Comments off

Packing. And more packing. And taping and packing and packing.

And waiting for someone to get back to me at work because a HUGE problem has developed and he usually responds pretty quickly to these sorts of HUGE problems, but I haven’t heard from him at all.

And dealing with a problem at the house that resulted from some repairs we had done on the request of the buyer, hoping that the repairman can fix the problem he caused and if he can’t, we could be screwed.

And then tonight it will be more packing and taping and packing.

Why do all the fires start burning at once?

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