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dessert is a good thing

July 25, 2009

Also, I made soufflés tonight. We had a sweet tooth.

Buttered and sugared ramekins:

Melted chocolate:
melted chocolate

This recipe always makes THREE, not TWO. One of these days I’ll remember that. The reason this is a problem tonight is that I doubled the original recipe because the ramekins I currently have are 2 cup ramekins, not the 1 cup ramekins the recipe calls for. But the recipe always makes three, ALWAYS. Which I just never remember. If I had remembered that the recipe always makes more than it’s supposed to, I would not have changed it at all, and it probably would have made just enough for two, 2-cup ramekins.

Anyway, here they are in the oven:

in the oven

And ready to eat:
ready to eat

The recipe is here; the pictures on that post seem to have disappeared, probably during a migration at some point.

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