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if you know the answer is going to be NO, why do you bother asking???

October 31, 2005 4 comments

For the last week or so, I’ve been dodging calls from my alma mater. I know that it’s fundraising season and I always hate having to tell the earnest undergrads that (a) I would love to give money but (b) I don’t know if I’ll be able to right now. I really didn’t want to have to tell some fresh-faced kid that I’m a grad student and if any institution is getting my spare change, it will probably be my current one.

So after hitting the cancel button on my phone for the last seven or eight nights, I finally answered tonight, just to get them to stop calling me. And the young man I spoke to was very nice, asking me how I was doing, how I got into law school from being a [blank] major. We talked some about wanting to write (hey, he wants to write also! it’s an epidemic there, though, with all the trees and fog and mountains . . . you can’t help it). It was lovely.

But see, here’s the thing. I mentioned that I was in GRAD school, and so couldn’t make a gift right now. Then HE asked me how I got into LAW. This reminded me that I had updated my directory information, including my new status as a student. And now I’m annoyed!

They KNOW I’m a student right now! They KNOW it and they’ve got their little student volunteers ASKING about how it’s GOING! And yet they still have the nerve to ask me for money???

Look, I’m happy to give, and I try to give every year, even if it’s only $50. Someday, I’d like to do more, because I really do believe in what they are doing. I got so much from my four years there, and I would love to know that I was doing everything I could to contribute to other students’ experience there.

But right now, it’s loan city, baby. So don’t ask me for money. I just don’t have it to give right now.

(Of course, I caved and told them they could call me in the spring, when I’ll probably know what kind of summer job I’ll have. I’m a total sucker.)

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it could be Miller time, but I have better beer in the fridge

October 31, 2005 1 comment


I believe the memo is done. I went from being two full pages over the limit sometime yesterday afternoon to being 7-10 lines short of the limit tonight. My legal writing prof was excited to hear that. Hey, so am I, as long as I didn’t get rid of anything important. After all, tighten, sharpen, and brighten, right?

Nevertheless, I am WIPED. I have yet to do my reading for tomorrow’s classes and I’m not really inclined to do so now. What I’d really like to do is have a beer and watch some bad TV. So that’s the plan. I’ll give that an hour or so before I dive into . . . whatever I’m supposed to read for tomorrow. Something about something in contracts (!), something about causation in crim law, and something about supplemental jurisdiction in civ pro.

Don’t hate me because I’ve got more reading than you.

Bonus: tomorrow (because I forgot to pick it up today and let me tell you that was A Good, Good Thing) I get to see the comments the TA made on my civ pro practice midterm exam. Despite Prof. Civ Pro telling us today that, “None of the exams were bad; they were all good! You’re all getting it!” I am not convinced that reading over it will be fun.

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whadda ya mean, i'm OVER the limit?

October 30, 2005 Comments off

My memo is done.

It is also a page too long. And I’ve edited it. Edited and edited and edited. And I am one full page over the limit. I am NEVER over the limit, though. I am always the one who has trouble getting UNDER the limit. And I am over. By one page.

So I’ll be stopping into my professor’s office tomorrow for some advice on getting rid of something unneeded.

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lifted up, and just in time

October 29, 2005 2 comments

Much as I bitch about the memo writing thing, every time I sit down to work on my analysis, or edit something I’ve already written, I get a little twinge of glee down inside.

I don’t go to office hours all that much. I know, I know, I should go to office hours as much as possible. But I never really know what to say in office hours. Still, I generally take advantage of conferences with my legal writing prof. Because, you know, that glee thing needs to be fed.

The other day, my legal writing prof told me she thought my writing style was very clear. My glee turned into choirs of singing angels. OK, perhaps I am overstating a bit. Let me just say this, then: not only was it such a relief to get any sort of feedback at all, but it was also an great delight to get POSITIVE feedback.

I wade through law school sometimes feeling like I am just the dumbest person ever. That’s the big reason that feedback was so nice. It’s…calming…to be told I’m still good at something I’ve always thought was a strength.

So I feel boosted. Only a few more weeks left in the semester. I needed it.

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preferred procrastination

October 28, 2005 1 comment

Imagine, if you will, that you have a ten-page memo due Tuesday. Let’s say, for the purposes of the hypothetical only, of course, that you have good Question Presented, a pretty good Conclusion, and a Statement of Facts that is complete, if perhaps TOO complete.

Now let’s say you have your Discussion section sitting there, seven or so pages long, but not really…complete. You know. Maybe you have about half of a good analysis. Maybe slightly less. Depends on how you think about completeness.

What would you be doing, then, on a Friday night?

Yeah, me too—cooking.

Tomorrow night is the official Mr. Angst’s Birthday Celebration and we’ll be having osso buco. I made it tonight, though, since it really benefits from the chance to sit overnight in the fridge. We’ll also be having homemade bread pudding, which I have to prepare tonight since the bread should sit it its custard overnight as well.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m too Holly Homemaker.

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today's horoscope

October 28, 2005 3 comments

“Things will make sense, just look at the details. The answers are hidden there.”

This is highly appropriate, particularly given the advice we’ve been getting from our professors regarding a certain exam prep course many students were planning to take.

Also, I really like Prof. Torts.

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October 27, 2005 Comments off

Ann Althouse predicted it earlier this week. And now it’s happened.

I won’t deny that I’m pleased Miers isn’t the nominee anymore. But now we have the unknown staring us in the face again. Who will Bush nominate this time?

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