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dance, dammit, dance!

January 31, 2006 Comments off

Well, crap. I was clearly wrong as well.

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just leave me here for now

January 31, 2006 Comments off

Y’all, I have fallen into a hole called Appellate Brief and I am not coming out any time soon. Never fear, I’ve got my Con Law casebook (and $27 quarter-inch-thick supplement) with me, so I won’t miss out on any of that fun Commerce Clause action. Other than that, though, it’s just me, a pile of cases that all say the same thing, and a sense of total confusion as to where I’m supposed to pull my rules from. (NB: I don’t think pulling them out of the place I usually pull things from will work. Unfortunately.)

It’s OK, though. Don’t worry. I’ll be down here for a few days, but I should surface no later than a week from today. I’ll keep y’all updated as I sort the mess of paper into a pile for Things To Keep and a pile for Things I Printed In The Westlaw Lab For No Reason But To Waste Paper.

That is all.

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two unrelated items

January 30, 2006 1 comment
  • I camped out at Career Services today so I could sign up for a “first-come-first-served” interview slot with a new OCI firm. Sadly, there was no preference for those of us whose interviews got cancelled. So I plunked myself down with Chemerinsky and a red pencil and waited for a couple of hours. I was first to sign up. Exciting as that is, though, it’s just a slot for a screening interview. So I guess I’d better start exercising my interview smile.
  • In other news, Mr. Angst has crossed over to the dark side; he purchased a used Mac Powerbook (financed by the sale of a PC laptop) so he can play with *nix AND have a wireless connection. I’ve been passing on tips and tricks all night. To be fair, Mr. Angst was a Mac person back in the clone days, but he hasn’t regularly used a Mac in years. So this is a treat, the two of us with our matching 12″ aluminum ‘books. (Remember, though, mine is better.)
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    and click

    January 29, 2006 Comments off

    I’ve been wondering when the semester would start to work for me. I’ve been feeling sort of lost this semester. I’m sure at least part of it is that I missed the first few days of class, then I dropped one class and added another after the first week, and another of my classes was cancelled for two weeks straight. But even the class I’ve been to almost every time (Con Law) was feeling like a great big muddle to me.

    I guess, though, it just takes a little time to get comfortable with the semester, because suddenly things are better. I guess enough time has passed this semester for me to feel more settled. The readings are starting to make sense and come together, the subject matter intersections are starting to surface, and my brain feels like it’s back into school mode.

    Today, I was able to actually sit down and craft some solid, rule-based conclusions for my appellate brief (though I don’t actually have the rules fully synthesized, yet, eek). I’ve read 35 pages of Con Law and felt like I understood the jurisprudential shift the cases were supposed to illustrate. I feel intelligent again, instead of feeling like I’d just started law school all over again from scratch.

    Honestly, if every semester is going to be like this, I can deal with it as long as I know that’s what’s going to be happening. I can totally alter my expectations. Still, I hope it’s not like this every semester; it’s such a waste of time.

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    are you freakin' SERIOUS?

    January 28, 2006 5 comments

    I ordered an offiical copy of my transcript this week, because I need it for the job search stuff. (I also had to send an official transcript to a law firm that requested it, which is sort of bogus. Seriously, is an unofficial copy not acceptable? Would I fake something like that?)

    At any rate, I opened my copy of my official transcript, just to look at it. I’d been told to make sure I copied BOTH sides of it, too, before I sent to anyone, so I flipped it over and read the grading system information printed there.

    And that’s when I saw it.

    “To graduate, a students [sic] average must fall between . . . ”

    Yes, folks, that’s right. My official transcript, from my law school, includes that worst of grammatical offenses: a possessive mistake. The possessive mistake can either be the inclusion of an apostrophe where the intention was to create a plural instead of a possessive, or, as in this case, the absence of an apostrophe where the intention was to create a possessive rather than a plural.

    Gah. And I have to send copies of this to law firms–and to judges (I’m shooting for an externship for next school year). I’m contemplating emailing the registrar, just to tell him about it. Mr. Angst says that’s seriously nerdy. What do you think?

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    here's some law stuff for ya

    January 27, 2006 1 comment

    Here’s an article for all you Contracts lovers.

    My thought is, even if the plaintiffs can’t recover up to the lost opportunity costs, i.e., how much they’d have to spend now to get what they would have gotten had the construction gone forward, they can at least ask for the lost profits (lost interest) on their deposits. I hope the contracts weren’t written so loosely as to allow the developer to keep the interest. Of course, if they do try that, the plaintiffs could counter by claiming the contracts were contracts of adhesion. However, anyone willing to spend that much on an APARTMENT in the DESERT probably can’t effectively make that argument. (I don’t know enough about property yet, either, to know if there are property considerations in this situation.)

    See? I remember contracts!

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    looking at it all differently

    January 27, 2006 3 comments

    E. Spat’s recent perspective shift gave me some . . . um, perspective.

    Today, as I stood in line to pay for my $1 pasta salad (easily the best bargain at the law school cafe), I ran into my legal writing prof. Who, by the way, I think is great. Really, really great. Anyway, last semester, she and I had talked about some research she’s doing and how she would probably need a research assistant for the summer. When she told me about her research, it just sounded really interesting–right up my alley, even. She told me if I was interested in working for her, to let her know.

    So today, she asked how my job search was going. And I talked about some of the frustration and feeling like I was caught up in what everyone else was doing–my friends are all walking around in suits, comparing notes on their interviews, and I’ve been feeling like I’m . . . off-track, or out of the loop, or just doing something wrong in waiting to start looking for a job. She nodded in understanding and reminded me that I have a standing offer to work with her. She mentioned a presentation she’d done on the project and her face lit up. I remembered why the offer seemed so appealing when we first talked about it last year. The chance to work for someone who is excited about what she’s doing is priceless.

    I feel better about things now. I know the law firm thing may not pan out, and I’m OK with that. Sure, it would be nice to make some cash this summer. But it would also be nice to spend a summer researching–and researching something I’m actually interested in. My research skills are the thing I need to exercise the most, too, and this would be an excellent chance to do that.

    So, a perspective shift. It’s contagious!

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    someone did it!

    January 27, 2006 Comments off

    Greyhame got me excited about Con Law!

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    January 27, 2006 Comments off

    Second semester of 1L is kicking my ass. It’s not that I have more reading; it’s not that I’m in class more. It’s not even that my classes are harder (though I don’t really like this “beginning of the semester” thing where I’m starting from the bottom all over again). I’m just crazy busy.

    So posting will be lighter than normal, and perhaps somewhat uninspired. Deal.

    Oh, by the way, I got two more rejections in the mail. Yay!

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    running tally

    January 25, 2006 Comments off

    Letters/Resumés/Transcripts sent: 41

    Number of days since first letters sent: 7

    Rejection Letters: 5*

    Rejection Phone Calls: 1*

    Rejection Emails: 1

    Requests for Official Transcript: 1 (Note that this had to be ordered, paid for, and will have to be sent from the registrar’s office. Pain.)

    The last item on my tally is at least optimistic, as it suggests that if my transcript is to their liking, I could at least get an interview out of it. Also, I sent some stuff today to firms I know are still considering 1Ls for summer jobs (because they are the firms interviewing 1Ls during winter OCI. Not me, of course. Did I mention that my winter OCI interview got cancelled?). I also had a nice long talk with a friend of mine who has sent out something like five times as many resumes as I have–she’s gotten several interviews, but no offers yet. She and I commiserated. And she encouraged me not to get too down, since she knows that firms are still interviewing and considering applicants and haven’t made decisions yet. And I wished her luck on the interview she was headed to.

    All in all, today was OK. I felt a little meh this afternoon, and I’m not sure why. But I feel better now.

    *These could be deceptive; I got a call AND a letter from the firm I interviewed with.

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