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August 31, 2005 Comments off

Sorry (again) for the dearth of good posting lately. I’m working on something sort of meaty for Blawg Review’s Back-to-School Edition (which will be hosted over at Blawg Wisdom) so expect that hopefully by tomorrow evening. Of course, I’m also swamped with school stuff—not just reading, but also this book sale thing. How I managed to get myself on a committee in an organization so fast is really beyond me. Thankfully, we finished our current obligations today so I won’t have THAT hanging over me anymore.

Of course, I do have other things hanging over me—namely things I don’t quite grasp yet or that, at least, have my head swimming. Like calculating damages under expectation interest. Or Gomez v. Toledo. I don’t have those classes again till Tuesday, though, so I can start thinking about Torts instead! Which I haven’t had—and I don’t really know anything about the professor yet! Hooray!

I know, I know, I sound cynical and pissy already! Really, I am enjoying things so far, I just focused (I think) on the wrong class this week. I spent a lot of time going over the Hairy Hand case for Contracts (and the other cases we read on expectation interest) and didn’t spend nearly as much time carefully going over the stuff we were assigned in Civ Pro. Unfortunately, Prof. Civ Pro seems to have higher expectations than Prof. Contracts—or, at least, pushes harder when questioning.

OK. There’s what I’m feeling right now. I don’t want to go into too much more depth, because that might eat into my meatier, upcoming post. The gist, though, goes something like this: law school is fun and exciting but my head is sort of swimming right now. I expect that is normal.

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and on and on and on

August 30, 2005 4 comments

Day 2. It’s over. I said one good thing in one class and one borderline dumb thing in another. Ah well. Humility is a good thing. Also, the real gunners are starting to show themselves. There are about three people who say something in every class, whether they should or not. (OK, to be fair, I haven’t seen any evidence of true gunnership yet; but there is a nice distribution of very chatty folks, less chatty folks, and non-talkers.)

Mr. Angst and I also found a lovely Italian restaurant tonight. A little bit of a hike (not in distance, but in the various public transportation options we had to use to get there—unfortunately, not in a great walking area).

I know, I know, my blogging is getting really dull. I’m still trying to figure out my schedule and get enough rest and remember to make a lunch in the morning. Hopefully I can get to blogging about substantive stuff soon.

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August 30, 2005 2 comments

It’s about damn time.

subscription required, I’m afraid.

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the next three months mapped out

August 29, 2005 1 comment

Day 1 complete!

First: I refrained from talking in class for the rest of the day.

Prof. Crim Law announces the students on the hotseat for the week, so she got right into working with those folks today, leaving no opening for me to say anything (except when she couldn’t remember the name of the woman in Texas who drowned her five children and whose insanity plea failed). Even when I pitched in the name, I was joined by several other students. So that doesn’t count.

Prof. Civ Pro lectured the entire time but for a brief Socratic interlude and I was nowhere near his line of sight, so I had no chance to talk in there, either.

For a number of reasons, I think Contracts is the class that will make or break me. It’s first in the day and my built-in self-check system isn’t really awake yet. It’s also the only one in which we are currently reading and briefing cases (though that won’t last long. We’re still covering the general theories and such in Crim; Civ Pro today was all about the general structure of the courts and how he’ll conduct the class. Those will quickly progress, I think).

The first day, then, is over. I have experienced my Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday schedule. And I think it’s going to be OK. Each of my professors seems human (whew!), each seems to have a sense of humor (double whew!), and each seems terribly competent to teach his or her subject. (Most particularly Prof. Crim and Prof. Civ Pro. Those two are scary sharp.) Torts isn’t till Thursday, so I’ll have more to report then.

Now, if you don’t mind, I have dinner to eat and a couple hundred pages to get to.

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go me

August 29, 2005 Comments off

I’ve converted a few people to book cutting. Huzzah!

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Day 1, just begun

August 29, 2005 11 comments

Today is the official first day of school. I think I have already spoken too much in class. I’ve filled my daily quota, so I am not allowed to talk in Crim, which I have in about 50 minutes.

I’m a talker, despite being a little shy, so this is going to be difficult. I think it’s more important, though, that I learn to keep my mouth shut and listen to what other people are saying than raise my hand if I’m not going to contribute anything worthwhile.

Also, I need to not try and figure out what’s going on in New Orleans while I’m in class. It just eats my battery life and distracts me from what my prof is saying.

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stupid CNN

August 28, 2005 1 comment

Whoever told Aaron Brown to pronounce the name of the capital of Louisiana as “baTONNE rouge” should be shot.

Just because it’s French in origin doesn’t mean you have to sound like an idiot on national television by attempting to pronounce it that way.

(Hah! He is slipping! I just heard him say “BATun Rouge”, which is proper, as anyone from the South could tell you.)

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