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if this is growing up, i guess it's good

February 28, 2007 3 comments

I’ve been having these mild spells of vertigo for the last couple of days and I’m starting to wonder what’s going on with my body. I’ve been getting up pretty early this week (though, fat lot of good it did me yesterday, boo), so I’m thinking it might just be tiredness/exhaustion. But we also haven’t been eating well this week since we’re both kind of slammed, so it could be that my body is just feeling a little underfed or malnourished (malnourished in the sense of getting the proper nutrients, because goodness knows I’ve been consuming enough calories).

I’ve had brief spells of vertigo before, but usually they are very isolated incidents–so I’ll feel dizzy on and off over a period of a few hours, and it will go away and I won’t experience it again for months. This time, the dizziness is still on and off over a few hours, but then it comes back a few hours later. I’m debating being really irresponsible this evening and taking a good long nap–I can’t read anyway.

The funny thing is that when I am not feeling well, I generally don’t take care of myself–I put off taking any painkillers, I resist sleeping or eating well, and I feel guilty and angry the whole time. Right now, I feel like the best thing I can do is take a nap–and that feels like a good decision. I’m actually kind of happy about it.

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i'm not even supposed to be here today!

February 27, 2007 1 comment

OK, my day got better. Mr. Angst came and rescued me, my purse in hand, and I made it to school in time for my first student conference. I did miss my early class, but I can live with that. Of course, the rest of the day just got busier and busier, but it was generally very productive and that always makes me feel good. I got some research done, even! Maybe I should start every day with a little scare.

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yeah, that's a bad omen

February 27, 2007 2 comments

I already know this is going to be a bad day.

How do I know this?

Because despite getting up early to finish my reading and get stuff done before I left the house, despite leaving the house with plenty of time to get to school, despite dressing nicely today instead of in baggy jeans and sneakers, I managed to lock my purse inside my apartment. I am left without phone, transit pass, keys, wallet, chapstick, you name it.

I do have my computer and books, fat lot of good those do me. I spent a few minutes crouching on our porch and using our wireless to send text messages from, and then my toes began to get cold. I finally found a place that’s open at this hour and I’m sitting, poaching internet from somewhere, waiting for Mr. Angst to get home from the thing he’s at this morning and let me back into our apartment so I can go to school.

You know, most mornings, he’d still be at home right now and this wouldn’t be a problem. So of course I would choose TODAY, the day he left before 7, to lock myself out without any of the stuff that matters. Because the internet, while a wonderful and amazing thing, is no good when you really just need some money to take the bus or get a coffee. Or get yourself back into your apartment.

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Sunday night foodblogging

February 25, 2007 Comments off

Mr. Angst has this periodic craving for arrabiata, but not real arrabiata. See, real arrabiata is a tomato sauce, traditionally served with penne and chicken. But Mr. Angst first tasted “angry pasta” at a little place in Our Old Town, and their arrabiata was made with a white wine cream sauce, prociutto, and shrimp, with some diced tomatoes scattered in.

So I’ve tried a variety of arrabiata recipes over the years and never gotten it right–mostly because Mr. Angst doesn’t want real arrabiata. Tonight, we decided that I would try regular arrabiata again, since we didn’t have any white wine, or cream, or proscuitto, or tomatoes.

What I made was this, but modified. Basically, I diced several cloves of garlic, threw them in a saucepan with a little less than a quarter cup of olive oil and a heaping teaspoon of red pepper flakes. Then I poured in about two cups of red sauce I made a couple of days ago, not having tomato paste or whole peeled tomatoes on hand, either. I cooked the sauce in the oil and garlic, and discovered there was a little too much oil, which I promptly poured off into another skillet, for the chicken.

I pounded the chicken, dunked it in one beaten egg then in a cup of bread crumbs laced with salt and pepper, and browned the chicken on both sides in the peppery, tomatoey oil–to which I added a little more regular oil because there wasn’t enough. Four minutes for each side of the chicken later, I pulled it from the pan, sliced it, and threw it into the sauce. Ten minutes later I threw in about 8 oz of cooked egg noodles (you guessed it, no penne around).

I have to say, this was a pretty good recipe. Easy to make, super tasty, and plenty left over for tomorrow’s lunch. I highly recommend, especially because it’s super adaptable–I think you could do whatever you wanted with the base and it would be good.

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Weekly Law School Roundup #59

February 25, 2007 Comments off

Welcome to the It’s Nearly Spring Break and We’re All Losing Our Minds a Little Bit edition of the Law School Roundup. Enjoy posts from students who are losing it–and from those just observing it.

And that’s it for this week’s roundup! Look for it next week at Evan Schaeffer’s Legal Underground and then, in two weeks, back here.

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maybe it's a bad habit, but I still cope by baking

February 24, 2007 2 comments

I’m dealing with a particularly ugly bit of work right now, one of those picking-up-after-people kind of things, and it’s pretty frustrating. I mean, I signed on for this particular duty and I knew I’d have to deal with these sorts of things, but that doesn’t make me any happier when I open a document that’s supposed to be one way only to find it’s totally not.

So to cope, I made these cookies and boy, are they good. I’ve had three or four now, and that’s WAY too many, but they’re too tasty not to. Because they have maple syrup in them, they get all crnchy and caramalized, but they are also kind of gooey, and they are Teh Yum.

I encourage all of you stress bunnies out there to make cookies when you need a break. That way, when it’s time to get back to work, you’ll have snackies.

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boo clouds

February 24, 2007 Comments off

I suppose it’s appropriate that, as my schedule is getting busier again, the weather is getting nastier. I’m not tempted by the sun shining on the lake–there IS no sun today. While I waited for the train this morning, I was even pelted with hard little balls of snowy-sleety stuff. (And I forgot to grab a hat on the way out the door. Ack!) I stood there and wondered why I was leaving the apartment on a Saturday, but then I remembered–I have all this work to do.

It’s funny how rarely I venture to campus on the weekends, but perhaps I should do more of it. I’ve been more productive today than in the past two whole weekends combined. Getting away from the cuteness of the dog and the wonderfulness of Mr. Angst gets me away from the distractions, I guess. Unfortunate, that. But it does mean I can plan to relax at home tonight, and that’s always something to look forward to.

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it's a moo point, like a cow's opinion. it's moo.

February 22, 2007 4 comments

It was a good run, y’all. I’m so glad my partner and I sucked up the brief writing and the late evenings up at school and the hassle of putting a suit two days a week for the last four weeks or so.

But the run is over. That’s right, we lost tonight. I’m disappointed–as anyone would be, after all that effort–but I’m also kind of relieved. No final round in front of scary judges and half the school, no spending the next week cramming more caselaw into my head…just me and the twelve-hundred other obligations I have to meet.


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this is what Thursdays are like

February 22, 2007 Comments off

The trouble with fasting on Ash Wednesday is that it leaves me feeling incapable of doing anything at all. I made it through yesterday’s classes alright, but by the time I got home, I was headachy, grouchy, and exhausted. I didn’t get much done last night besides some proofreading (and a nap).

So today will be a whirlwind! I’ll be reading for tonight’s class–the class I’ll have to duck out of early for moot court–as well as preparing for moot court, drafting up a quick memo for my clinic (research done already), and, if I have time, working on some materials for one of my non-academic activities. Yikes! That’s a lot to do, and not much time in which to do it. I’d better get cracking.

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mooty mooty moot

February 20, 2007 7 comments

Against all odds, we are now in the semi-finals. Hot damn, and holy hell. I guess it’s still on my plate.

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