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some long-overdue thoughts about working and summer

June 27, 2007 2 comments

Look, no matter what they say, work is almost always going to take over your life less than school. (At least when work is steady and/or slow. When work is busy, forget it.)

Case in point: Today was a sort of slow day for me at work. I did some research, I ran an “errand” related to a project, I went to lunch. I got home at a decent hour, changed into comfy clothes, and prompty felt like I needed something to do. Mr. Angst cooked dinner, so I really didn’t have anything to take care of. ((Were this the school year, I would almost certainly have reading to do, research to do, journal stuff to do. There’s always something more to do, something that could and should be done before tomorrow.))

I’m not good at sitting around watching TV–and I don’t really have anything fun to read right now, at least not that I haven’t already read. ((I finished The Kite Runner for the second time last night.)) I needed something to do. So I made some banana bread, since the bananas were getting pretty ripe. Then I bathed the dog, since he hadn’t been bathed since we moved and was getting itchy. And now . . . I am actually POSTING ON MY BLOG.

This has been a pretty sweet week as far as just living goes. I’ve been eating a little healthier (the summer weight has been creeping onto me and there are clothes falling out of the rotation because they don’t fit right now), I’ve been home by 6 each night, there haven’t been any outside-of-work events extending the day well past sunset. We’ve cooked at home every night this week so far. We’ve cleared out most of the empty boxes. We’ve stocked one bookshelf. We’ve figured out where certain things will get stored and our apartment is looking less like a storage unit and more like our home. Things, right now, are very comfortable. And I like that.

I have no illusions that working at a law firm will always be like this–I think being home after 6 is more the norm than the exception, and I’m sure there will be nights when things are looming, things that could and should be done before tomorrow. But I’m just as certain that there will be at least a few nights like the ones I’ve had this week, nights where I can sit with Mr. Angst and Himself and relax, eat a home-cooked meal, do some baking, and just be myself. I love school–and working this summer has really driven home to me how much I love school–but I also love feeling like my life is a little less of a one-note chorus.

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what's going on with me?

June 21, 2007 2 comments

Man, I just don’t post lately. This was sort of a busy week at work (though it’s tapering off now), and it was a busy week at home (what with the graduation on Sunday and trying to finish unpacking stuff and sell the remainder of the stuff at the old place).

I’d feel worse about not posting if I had anything to post that I thought would be interesting. But since I don’t blog about Work Club, all the interesting things happening in my life are off limits. Because today, the most interesting non-work thing that happened to me was discovering Banana Republic has a 14-day price adjustment policy. This worked out well, since I just bought a dress at full price and I was able to get half of that full price back.

So that’s it around here. How about you guys?

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Law School Roundup #74

June 17, 2007 Comments off

Hah HA! FINALLY, a roundup at divine angst that is published ON TIME. And you all thought I’d become a total flake. So HERE, on time, without delay, this week’s Law School Roundup, featuring fun posts by pre-Ls, law students, and recent grads.

And that’s it for this week’s roundup! Look for it next week at Evan Schaeffer’s Legal Underground and back here in two weeks.

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day o' malfunctions

June 16, 2007 1 comment

Malfunction 1: First train of the morning herked and jerked its way from one stop to the next. After being twelve minutes late.

Malfunction 2: Farmers’ market is TINY this morning, with four times as many flowers as edible vegetables or fruits.

Malfunction 3: The cart escalator at Target broke. While our cart was on it. So we had to ask the security people to stop trying to FIX the cart escalator and stop the people escalator so we could walk up it backwards and get our stuff so we could leave. Meanwhile, someone kept trying to run the cart escalator anyway, causing our cart to get wedged on top of the cart in front of it and go “Bang! Bang! Bang!” This was bad because we had two boxes of wine glasses in the cart. Thankfully, none were broken.

Malfunction 4: Not really a malfunction, just a pain–it started to rain while we were getting the Very Very Last Stuff out of our old apartment, with help from the Angst-in-laws.

Malfunction 5: No room in the car for me, so I took the train home from the old apartment and, you guessed it, there were train problems of the herky jerky kind again.

Thankfully, there have been no further malfunctions. The evening went well. The kitchen is fully unpacked, we have 8 new wineglasses (including some lovely new pinot goblets), and I made a delicious dinner for all four of us. Mmmmm.


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best sign ever

June 15, 2007 Comments off

Our building is having some work done to the facade right now, including power washing. The building manager posted a helpful note the other day, letting us all know that the power washing guys said sometimes windows leak because of the high pressure of the water used when they power wash the walls, and we should all be aware. Then the sign said that if the workers got behind, they might have to make the time up on “Saturday’s.” [sic]

This morning, as I got in the elevator to take the dog down for his morning constitutional, I noticed someone had circled the offending apostrophe and written right next to it: -2

I love our new building.

sigh. this is my life.

June 14, 2007 Comments off

So Work Club and Moving Club are keeping me SUPER BUSY, so super busy that I haven’t really been posting at all lately, and for that I apologize. The nutshell on my life is:

Tax is more interesting than I thought it would be.
Our new apartment is so much better than I even hoped it could be.
We still have a bunch of stuff at the old apartment that has to be dealt with this weekend.
Mr. Angst graduates this weekend and the Angst-in-laws will be here, so there’s a time management problem looming.
Journal stuff looms and looms and looms. And looms.

Um, yeah. That’s my life. That and trying to figure out where all of our books go, now that we’ve gotten rid of two of our bookshelves. (We haven’t actually gotten rid of them; if anyone in Our City needs bookshelves or a honey oak media shelf (or a baker’s rack or wire storage shelving for that matter), should Let Me Know.)

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a personal note

June 11, 2007 3 comments

By the way, I want to take a moment to give a big, giant CONGRATS to Mr. Angst, who got his last grad school grades today–and yes, his GPA is a million times better than mine–and I am SO PROUD of him.

Of course, he also sprained his ankle this week, so he is not only a proud soon-to-be holder of a Master’s degree but he also has a zombie ankle. (It’s all bruised and purple. Mmmmmm.)

Congrats, Mr. Angst! I am so very, very proud of you.

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June 11, 2007 Comments off

If one more person posts about The Sopranos without spoiler tags or warnings, I’m gonna get pissed. Because of Comcast’s ineptitude in EVERYTHING, we still do not have HBO at our new apartment and I still have not seen the finale. So SHUSH.

Thank you.

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Law School Roundup #73(a)

June 10, 2007 Comments off

Whew! There was a lot to get through for this Roundup, and I hope I’ve done justice to the two weeks of posts I had to choose from! Not only did these posts get published, but also a bunch of folks graduated and started bar study. Others started their summer jobs. It’s been a busy couple of weeks for all of us, in other words. Enjoy these posts, then, and take them as a sample of how law students live and breathe and write.

And that’s it for this week’s Roundup here. Evan has his normally scheduled Roundup in the works, and I believe it’ll be posted tomorrow, so check over there–it’s Double Fun Week! Next week’s Roundup will be right back here. We’ll be back on our normal broadcasting schedule soon. (Or, I’ll be back on my normal broadcast schedule soon; Evan’s a rock star.)

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coming soon

June 10, 2007 Comments off

So I was supposed to do the Roundup last weekend, didn’t; meant to do it belatedly this week, didn’t; and now it’s Sunday and technically Evan’s turn.

So this post is to let you know I WILL be doing the Roundup tonight. Consider last week a hiatus, and this week a return. I’ve moved, I’ve been away for the weekend, I’ve been buried under work–but now I’m BACK and ready to get my routine going again.

Look for it in a couple of hours.

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