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post-Thanksgiving accounting

November 27, 2007 2 comments

Yes, I’ve been gone for a while. No, I am still here and still alive. Between traveling to the Angst-in-laws’ for Thanksgiving and working on plowing through journal stuff and reading for class and contemplating beginning outlining and hounding relatives to send me pictures for my grandmother’s Christmas letter which I design, it’s been a little busy.

Here’s what I’ve done over the last two weeks:

  • Drove 6 hours, each way, in nasty rainy stuff, to Thanskgiving.
  • Played fetch with the dog in the backyard, which he loved.
  • Ate turkey three four times.
  • Made sides to go with leftover turkey once.
  • Saw Dan in Real Life and wished the filmmakers had been brave enough not to give it a happy ending.
  • Watched The Incredibles and remembered what a totally kick-ass movie it is. Too bad it’s Disney and I bet I can’t get it on DVD for another twenty years.
  • Finished editing the most boring article ever. Maybe second-most boring. It’s hard to say.
  • Slogged through some administrative responsibilities that were unpleasant.
  • Decided I needed better backup, so bought an external hard drive. Might arrive tomorrow.
  • Woke up with swollen tonsils. Afraid am getting sick. Fighting through it.
  • Wrote this post.

I think that actually only covers about a week and a half, maybe even just a week, but I think it’s a fair assessment of what my life is like right now—editing, some reading for class, eating, sleeping, trying not to die, that sort of thing.

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. For all my complaining, I have many things to be thankful for, not least of which is realizing I have many things to be thankful for. Heaven help me if I ever forget to acknowledge how incredibly blessed I am.

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holiday crazy

November 20, 2007 1 comment

I don’t usually walk through the lobby of our apartment building, preferring instead to go out a side door. But today as I headed for that side door, I noticed some plants from the lobby had been relocated to the area near the side door. Curious, I went through the lobby and discovered our building is holiday crazy. We have a giant gold and white-decorated tree, white (fake?) poinsettias, and white drippy lights all over the lobby. It’s kind of nice, but it also makes me a little insane because it means I’ll now be reminded every time I walk downstairs how UNdecorated my own apartment is.

Holiday mania, here I come.

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Law School Roundup #96

November 19, 2007 1 comment

Welcome to the In-Their-Own-Words Edition of the weekly law school roundup, featuring posts by law students, future, present, and past. Enjoy!

And that’s it for this week’s Roundup. Look for it next week at Evan Schaeffer’s Legal Underground and then, in two weeks, right back here. You can also peruse some older Roundups in the archives.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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November 14, 2007 Comments off

YAY! Project Runway!

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dog = too cute

November 11, 2007 4 comments

Still really busy. This isn’t a real update. I just wanted to say that we lit a fire in our fireplace this afternoon (because our apartment is COLD) and the dog has found his new best friend. He LOVES sitting in front of that fire. He’s all stretched out on the hearth, soaking up the warm. I keep wanting to watch him instead of working.


Per request, here’s a pic. He got cuter later, when he flopped over on his side and stretched out.


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November 7, 2007 Comments off

Sometimes things just get a little overwhelming. Right now is one of those times. Back later.

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Law School Roundup #94

November 4, 2007 Comments off

Welcome to this week’s Law School Roundup, full of interesting thoughts about law student life from law students! Enjoy!

And that’s it for this week. Look for next week’s Roundup at Evan Schaeffer’s Legal Underground. It’ll be back here in two weeks.

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