who is she?

about: I am a lawyer in an undisclosed city and state. I am older than you’d think, married, with no kids. I do have a dog. He is adorable, stubborn, and sheds all over the place. I used to work in a semi-creative field for a large, educational institution.

blog: I began the process of applying to law school in the summer of 2004 and started this blog to chronicle the grand adventure. It was a big shift for me, nervewracking and exciting, if not always fun.  Now that I’ve graduated and entered the real world, though, this blog has kind of run its time.  I’ve left these posts up for posterity, but there won’t be any updates here.

disclaimer: Any ideas expressed herein are solely mine and in no way reflect those of my law school, law firm, or any other entity with which I may be affiliated. Also, I’m not your lawyer, so nothing I say here can possibly be construed to be legal advice.

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