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will wonders never cease?

February 8, 2006 4 comments

Well, look at that.

Somehow I made it out of the hole, yet I still find myself completely overwhelmed and without any time to post substantively. Maybe that’s because I’ve been neglecting my reading for my other classes; maybe it’s because I had a make-up class today, and so had to do extra reading. Maybe it’s because I had an interview this morning to prepare for–and to, apparently, dream about.

Yeah, let me tell you about that dream.

Sometime in the early morning hours, I started to have a waking dream. You know, one of those that seems so real, when you wake up, you don’t quite know what’s happened, because you thought you were already awake? Yeah, one of those. And what I dreamed was that I had overslept. Really, not the end of the world, since I had class before my interview, and skipping that class would not have been the end of the world.

Except that in my dream, I WAY overslept. And I had something like 40 minutes to shower, do my hair, dress, and get to school for my interview. And things kept going wrong. Like, my shower took twice as long as it normally does. And my suit jacket somehow didn’t fit. Also, the tags were still on my suit jacket, and for some reason, I couldn’t get them off. Maybe I don’t own any scissors in my dream world. Nothing was going right, and I was beginning to panic, and that made everything worse. Maybe this isn’t such a weird dream after all.

At any rate, the alarm went off right as I (in my dream) was running, full speed, for the train. I woke to find that I was still in bed, it was before 7 am, and I had all the time in the world. So I snoozed.

In other words, I’m out of the hole, but apparently no one told my subconscious.

Oh — one final thing. If I’m sending a writing sample to a potential employer, should I do anything special to it? Like, put a cover sheet on it? It’s a full memo, so I figured I didn’t need to preface it with a lot of information about the legal issues. Right now, I just have my name and phone number at the top of each page and no cover sheet. Is that sufficient?

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seriously, people, I expected better

February 1, 2006 2 comments

Lemme throw out another mystifier.

There’s this firm, let’s call them Pretty, Big & Fancy, My career services advisor recommended I send a resume to them, because they seem to have practice areas I’m interested in. (They were also interviewing on campus, as part of Winter OCI, but I didn’t get an interview with them.)

Yesterday, I got a letter from them–a rejection letter, naturally–in response to my resume, which stated that they had had so much success with their 2L recruiting that they weren’t hiring any 1Ls.

Excuse me, what? They’re not hiring 1Ls, but they interviewed three of my friends (and at least 10 other people) here on my campus last week? So either the person writing the letter fibbed because it seemed nicer or that person didn’t know they were interviewing 1Ls on campus. Either way, not a good sign.

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are you freakin' SERIOUS?

January 28, 2006 5 comments

I ordered an offiical copy of my transcript this week, because I need it for the job search stuff. (I also had to send an official transcript to a law firm that requested it, which is sort of bogus. Seriously, is an unofficial copy not acceptable? Would I fake something like that?)

At any rate, I opened my copy of my official transcript, just to look at it. I’d been told to make sure I copied BOTH sides of it, too, before I sent to anyone, so I flipped it over and read the grading system information printed there.

And that’s when I saw it.

“To graduate, a students [sic] average must fall between . . . ”

Yes, folks, that’s right. My official transcript, from my law school, includes that worst of grammatical offenses: a possessive mistake. The possessive mistake can either be the inclusion of an apostrophe where the intention was to create a plural instead of a possessive, or, as in this case, the absence of an apostrophe where the intention was to create a possessive rather than a plural.

Gah. And I have to send copies of this to law firms–and to judges (I’m shooting for an externship for next school year). I’m contemplating emailing the registrar, just to tell him about it. Mr. Angst says that’s seriously nerdy. What do you think?

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looking at it all differently

January 27, 2006 3 comments

E. Spat’s recent perspective shift gave me some . . . um, perspective.

Today, as I stood in line to pay for my $1 pasta salad (easily the best bargain at the law school cafe), I ran into my legal writing prof. Who, by the way, I think is great. Really, really great. Anyway, last semester, she and I had talked about some research she’s doing and how she would probably need a research assistant for the summer. When she told me about her research, it just sounded really interesting–right up my alley, even. She told me if I was interested in working for her, to let her know.

So today, she asked how my job search was going. And I talked about some of the frustration and feeling like I was caught up in what everyone else was doing–my friends are all walking around in suits, comparing notes on their interviews, and I’ve been feeling like I’m . . . off-track, or out of the loop, or just doing something wrong in waiting to start looking for a job. She nodded in understanding and reminded me that I have a standing offer to work with her. She mentioned a presentation she’d done on the project and her face lit up. I remembered why the offer seemed so appealing when we first talked about it last year. The chance to work for someone who is excited about what she’s doing is priceless.

I feel better about things now. I know the law firm thing may not pan out, and I’m OK with that. Sure, it would be nice to make some cash this summer. But it would also be nice to spend a summer researching–and researching something I’m actually interested in. My research skills are the thing I need to exercise the most, too, and this would be an excellent chance to do that.

So, a perspective shift. It’s contagious!

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running tally

January 25, 2006 Comments off

Letters/Resumés/Transcripts sent: 41

Number of days since first letters sent: 7

Rejection Letters: 5*

Rejection Phone Calls: 1*

Rejection Emails: 1

Requests for Official Transcript: 1 (Note that this had to be ordered, paid for, and will have to be sent from the registrar’s office. Pain.)

The last item on my tally is at least optimistic, as it suggests that if my transcript is to their liking, I could at least get an interview out of it. Also, I sent some stuff today to firms I know are still considering 1Ls for summer jobs (because they are the firms interviewing 1Ls during winter OCI. Not me, of course. Did I mention that my winter OCI interview got cancelled?). I also had a nice long talk with a friend of mine who has sent out something like five times as many resumes as I have–she’s gotten several interviews, but no offers yet. She and I commiserated. And she encouraged me not to get too down, since she knows that firms are still interviewing and considering applicants and haven’t made decisions yet. And I wished her luck on the interview she was headed to.

All in all, today was OK. I felt a little meh this afternoon, and I’m not sure why. But I feel better now.

*These could be deceptive; I got a call AND a letter from the firm I interviewed with.

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anniversary blogging

January 24, 2006 3 comments

I was up late last night working on a complex, multi-application, multi-attachment email merge for my summer job search. I was completely useless this morning–and, remember, today was my anniversary!–so I went back to bed and got some rest. I did get all of my Thursday reading done later in the day, though.

Mr. Angst and I celebrated today by grabbing dinner at a landmark restaurant that’s closing in a few weeks. (We’re actually having a fancier anniversary dinner this weekend, but today’s early dinner was perfect for celebrating two years of marriage.) I made a dessert when we got home, and we had some wine.

Oh, and I got two rejection letters! Admittedly, one was from my Friday interview, and I’d already spoken with them about how I wasn’t getting an offer. But the other was just bonus!

You know what makes the rejection letters no big deal, though? The dessert I made: individual chocolate soufflés with créme anglaise. And a bright Reisling. And Scrubs. Two rejection letters are really no big deal–after all, I’ve got dozens of other irons in the fire. (Note that I am not exactly optimistic about any of those irons actually doing anything. But they’re still out there.)

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well that was a waste of mental energy

January 23, 2006 Comments off

All that deep thought about big firms vs. small firms, about what kind of options each would give me, turns out to have been wasted. No, I didn’t put all my eggs in the two baskets I was looking at (last Friday’s interview and the OCI interview) but I was very excited about them, very excited about getting to shine.

Well, Friday’s firm called me today to tell me that they really liked me (they really, really liked me!) but that they had only a few slots for 1Ls and, therefore, could not extend me an offer. OK. Not a great big shock–though certainly not a fun thing to hear.

But wait! It gets better. This afternoon I received an email, stating that my OCI firm was cancelling all of its interviews with 1Ls because they were recently acquired by another firm (another firm which, presumably, has already hired its summer 2006 class).

So now I’m back to square one. Sure, I’ve sent out some resumes and cover letters to other firms, but mostly out of fear of being behind the game. I sent stuff to firms that might not be of interest to me, simply to get off my ass with the whole job search thing. And that was probably not such a bad idea. But I am still back at square one, now, with no upcoming interviews–and no job offers.

I’m disappointed. Sure, undoubtedly, I’ll look back on this moment some time in the future and realize how silly it was for me to dwell on my disappointment. I’m pretty sure I’ll get a job of some kind. But right now, I feel kind of sad. All that energy I was putting into researching my OCI firm was wasted. The firms I’ve sent stuff to aren’t necessarily firms I want to work for. I have no idea what I want to do this summer. Angst! Angst! Angst!

So I’m picking my ego up, dusting it off, and reminding myself that two rejections in one day (essentially) doesn’t reflect on ME, personally.

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