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some long-overdue thoughts about working and summer

June 27, 2007

Look, no matter what they say, work is almost always going to take over your life less than school. (At least when work is steady and/or slow. When work is busy, forget it.)

Case in point: Today was a sort of slow day for me at work. I did some research, I ran an “errand” related to a project, I went to lunch. I got home at a decent hour, changed into comfy clothes, and prompty felt like I needed something to do. Mr. Angst cooked dinner, so I really didn’t have anything to take care of. ((Were this the school year, I would almost certainly have reading to do, research to do, journal stuff to do. There’s always something more to do, something that could and should be done before tomorrow.))

I’m not good at sitting around watching TV–and I don’t really have anything fun to read right now, at least not that I haven’t already read. ((I finished The Kite Runner for the second time last night.)) I needed something to do. So I made some banana bread, since the bananas were getting pretty ripe. Then I bathed the dog, since he hadn’t been bathed since we moved and was getting itchy. And now . . . I am actually POSTING ON MY BLOG.

This has been a pretty sweet week as far as just living goes. I’ve been eating a little healthier (the summer weight has been creeping onto me and there are clothes falling out of the rotation because they don’t fit right now), I’ve been home by 6 each night, there haven’t been any outside-of-work events extending the day well past sunset. We’ve cooked at home every night this week so far. We’ve cleared out most of the empty boxes. We’ve stocked one bookshelf. We’ve figured out where certain things will get stored and our apartment is looking less like a storage unit and more like our home. Things, right now, are very comfortable. And I like that.

I have no illusions that working at a law firm will always be like this–I think being home after 6 is more the norm than the exception, and I’m sure there will be nights when things are looming, things that could and should be done before tomorrow. But I’m just as certain that there will be at least a few nights like the ones I’ve had this week, nights where I can sit with Mr. Angst and Himself and relax, eat a home-cooked meal, do some baking, and just be myself. I love school–and working this summer has really driven home to me how much I love school–but I also love feeling like my life is a little less of a one-note chorus.

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  1. LaLa
    June 28, 2007 at 12:22 pm

    Can’t believe you only have ONE bookshelf filled… what kind of stuff is that.
    everytime we moved that was the first thing mom would do!
    Hope all is well… miss you!

  2. k
    June 28, 2007 at 5:48 pm

    Yeah, but we’ve only got one accessible bookshelf. The other one is full of DVDs right now, and the two we’ve ordered haven’t arrived yet. (Our old bookshelves had to go because we didn’t have anywhere to put them–too tall in an apartment full of tall windows.)

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