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scheduling angst

January 11, 2006

I just found out I got into a class off the waitlist. The class seems a better fit for my strengths, but I’m not sure I want to jump into it. First, I’ve missed a week’s worth of class. Second, it meets on Monday and Wednesday afternoons at 3, which would leave me with an 8:45 am class on Tuesdays followed by . . . nothing. I’m not sure I like that for time reasons.

Also, I already have the books for my current class (Comparative Law), and I can’t return them. Why? Because of course the bookstore set the last day for returns to YESTERDAY. Why they can’t set the last day for returns to the same day as the last day for class drops is beyond me. But there it is–I’m free to drop Comparative until midnight tonight, but I can’t take the books back. And it’s not like they’ll be in high demand online, either.

So I’m going to both today. And I’ll make a decision sometime after that. What a pain, though!

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  1. Kristine
    January 11, 2006 at 3:53 pm

    Ahh, the old bookstore ambush. You might ask if they have a policy of returns for books on dropped classes. Ours allows that through add/drop. Or else you can try to sell them on Amazon (and other) sites.

    Good luck!

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