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open letter

July 25, 2008

Dear people in my life,

Thank you for your voicemail/email/wall post this week. I appreciate knowing that you are thinking of me.

I’m sorry for not returning your voicemail/email/wall post. I am just not communicating with individual people right now. Status updates are occurring only by blog post and Facebook status messages.

Yes, I am actually alive, and taking care of myself. I’m eating three meals a day and not overconsuming caffeine or alcohol or ice cream. I’m getting approximately 8-1/2 hours of sleep each night and I’m even showering most mornings. I promise I’m not overstressed (though I have my moments) and that my mental state is stable, perhaps even normal, if not completely healthy. Hey, what can I say? It’s the bar exam.

Yes, I promise I’ll call you/email you/post on your wall after the bar exam and before I leave for my bar trip. I promise. This is really the last hurdle. You’ll start hearing from me more regularly very soon. I promise.


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