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I wish my Friday were like everyone else's Friday

July 18, 2008

I’m sequestered today, reading through the two subjects that I am least strong in—Commercial Paper and Secured Transactions. ((I hear the lecturer and the mini review outline for these subjects in other states is not so bad, but in My State, the lecturer was NOT good and he wrote the mini review outline, so it’s not good either. This, my friends, blows.)) After hours staring at the repetitive string of words in the Secured Transactions mini review outline, I have finally decided to just give up on nuance and try to remember the biggest rule: between two perfected interests, if you file first, you win. EVERY TIME. Unless you happen to be trying to take back a stereo that you sold to some guy who then sold it to his neighbor. But hey, that’s just fair, right?

So I’ve now done one Commercial Paper essay (not as bad as I thought), attempted another (didn’t even understand the call of the question), one Secured Transactions essay (not bad), and a combined Commercial Paper/Secured Transactions essay (one call, not bad, one call OK, one call, a complete FAIL). I’ve also eaten a healthy lunch (pasta with red sauce and a salad), an Almond Snickers, finished off a thermos of coffee and half a Coke Zero, and I’m about ready to take a break. Except that I’ve been taking breaks all morning, and at some point in the next [oh GOD I am not even going to write the number here because it is TOO depressing] days, I have to figure out how I am going to get through 8 hours of essay writing WITHOUT breaks to check my feed reader or change my Facebook status.

In other words, stress usually makes me MORE focused except, apparently, when it comes to the bar exam, when it makes my brain go completely off the rails. I’ve never asked a doctor to examine me for adult ADD, but maybe I should have—I hear Adderall helps with this sort of thing? ((I’m really just kidding, MOM. I swear. Tempting though it is.)) I guess I just have to plow back in. Which means I think I’m going to pull myself out of my sequestration—but leave my computer behind—and go read something like Trusts or Wills without the temptation of the internet. ((Bonus: I will stop having to see my non-bar-preparing friends’ Facebook status messages that talk about getting margaritas after work or weekend trips away. I hate all of those people.))

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  1. July 18, 2008 at 3:18 pm

    I had a similar problem to yours–the oil and gas outline was incomprehensible, as were the practice problems (I don’t know about the lecture because I just had the books). Luckily, our state allows us to skip one of the 11 essay questions, so I decided that would be the subject I’d put no time or effort into.

    As it turned out, the question was totally easy, and if I’d put even ten minutes into the subject, I could have done just fine. But I didn’t, and skipped it anyway.

    All of this is to say, break a leg.

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