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don't look at me, i'm hideous

July 6, 2008

Today, I’m looking at a snapshot of my life for the next (oh GOD) 24 days. To wit:

  1. I am sitting on my couch in gym shorts, a law school t-shirt, and wet hair, having no energy or inclination to dress better or use a blowdryer.
  2. I am reading an Evidence E&E in an attempt to better understand the hearsay exceptions, since I didn’t take Evidence in law school. ((The jury is still out on whether that was a bad call.))
  3. I am surrounded by flashcards.
  4. I just ate a PB&J and five Oreos because that was the best I could come up with for lunch.

But for the fact that I’ll have to do these things out of the house for the next few weeks (the bonus of hiring a dog walker is that I feel the need to not be here when he shows up, meaning it’s an incentive to get the heck out of the house), I will probably be in exactly this position every day until the bar exam. I’ll just be in this position in the library or a coffeehouse or something.

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  1. Amy
    July 10, 2008 at 7:01 pm

    Great blog! Come by and visit my blog when you can!

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