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Monday Daylight-Saving-Time-blogging

March 10, 2008

I was really excited at how bright out it was as I made my way to campus for a meeting last night. “It’s 5:30 in the evening and I could wear my sunglasses!” I thought. (OK, I admit it—I actually thought, “Hey, wow, the days are really getting noticeably longer!” right before I remembered that we’d just sprung forward our clocks.) I was pretty happy right then about Daylight Saving Time.

Of course, this morning, I remember the dark side of Daylight Saving Time—literally. I hate how dark it is at 8 am when I am getting up and moving around. It doesn’t help that it’s sort of cloudy and hazy out today, with a possibility of snow, and very little sunlight. But even were the weather more cooperative, it would still be dark in the morning when my alarm goes off, and that, my friends, is a crappy thing. I suppose it would matter less if I kept more student-like hours—sleeping way in, staying up way late—but, in fact, I do not. I get up at a reasonable hour and I go to bed before midnight. I keep working hours—i.e., the hours of my working husband. So the evening daylight is nice, yes, because it’s light out when I’m coming home from school or (as last night) going to an evening meeting, but the lack of morning daylight really sucks. It’s hard enough for me to get up in the morning.

Happy Monday, all.

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