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Monday fogblogging

February 4, 2008

Last night’s Super Bowl gathering ended with people scattering into the unexpected snow and, this morning, that snow has turned into icky, drippy fog.

What better weather, then, for sitting at home in my sweats and getting work done? None, I tell you, none. I am back at my desk, after two weeks of working in front of the TV and at the dining room table. I’m not sure why I’ve been avoiding my desk, other than that it’s piled to the ceiling with books and Westlaw printouts, and that’s a bit depressing.

Of course, the two weeks on the couch and at the table have taken a toll on my wrist, so I’m back to wearing my splint and spending my breaks looking for a good ergonomic mouse that works with a Mac. (3M has a cool joystick-shaped one, but the scroll function is via a button that works with Windows but not with OS X. I can’t live without a scroll function, so I’m not getting that one.)

In any case, a day spent inside swaddled in fleece is just what my latest clinic assignment needs, so the fog could not have been better timed. I’m getting solid research done, I have a good outline, and I’m about to decamp to the living room with some printouts of seminal cases. I suppose I’ll have to take the dog out here in a bit but I doubt he’ll want to be outside any more than I do, so I’m sure to be back at work in a jiffy.

Productive Mondays always make me feel better.

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