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what I did today

January 21, 2008

Today I:

  • Spilled my breakfast shake all over the kitchen.
    • I had my stand mixer in the accompanying mixing cup, when I left the two of them, upright, on the counter to grab a little more milk—my shake was too thick. I poured the milk, put it back in the fridge, and heard a thud. I turned around to discover the top-heavy combination of mixer and cup had tumped over, distributing shake-splatter all over the floor and on the wall. AWESOME.
  • Roasted a chicken.
    • Verdict: Pretty good. Next time I might do the herb-mixture-under-the-skin thing, since it was just pretty chickeny tasting, without much else going on. Also, I am still trying to figure out how to roast a chicken without ending up with a half-inch of chicken-jelly on the bottom of my roasting pan. None of the recipes ever talk about the collagen in the chicken leaching out, nor about the vast amounts of chicken fat that renders down into the pan. EWWWW. Thank goodness I have a carving board with a channel.

That’s two food-related things I did today. I did some other stuff, too, but none of it seems very interesting compared to those two things.

If someone will remind me later, I’ll post my breakfast shake recipe.

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