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party recap and other stuff

January 6, 2008

The party was a success, as these things are measured. The salsa was obliterated, almost all of the tamales (that we put out—I saved a dozen for myself and stashed them in the freezer) were eaten, and our guests even made a significant dent in the sausage cheese balls (which did not benefit from being reheated—next time I won’t make those ahead of time). People even drank the nog, which I know from experience is always a questionable thing—some people don’t like the taste or the smell, and some just rebel against anything that eggy and rich. I had just a touch left, which I did not feel at all bad about tossing down the drain at the end of the evening.

Of course, I woke up the next day with no voice and today, two days later, it’s showing no sign of returning any time soon. This is OK, I guess—it might even get me out of participating in (what I think is) an incredibly silly first-day assignment in my Thursday class. Stay away, voice! Just for a week!

Otherwise, Mr. Angst and I are enjoying a relaxing weekend. We ventured out yesterday so I could join his gym. He ran and I used the machines. It was terrific. I admit it—I love gym machines. I particularly love the elliptical machine and a select few of the weight machines. I know how to use them and I even have an old workout plan/routine from the last time I belonged to a gym that I am comfortable with and that works well for me, and now I can get back to following it. It was a great workout and I love the gym and even though it’s not very conveniently located, it’s not so out of the way that I won’t use it regularly.

So the New Year has begun well.

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