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day 1

January 2, 2008

Today was my first potentially productive day of the new year. (Yesterday was for sleeping in and eating yummy homemade brunch and watching movies.) Turns out, it was a pretty productive day!

I did some journal work and was relieved that it was not as awful as I feared it would be.

I put together my materials to apply to a clerkship that just opened up.

I mopped the bathroom floor and vacuumed the rest of the house except the office.

I did some more journal work.

Oh, and I also put a pot roast on early enough that we’ll be able to eat at a reasonable hour, went to the post office to send my holiday cards (finally!) and send a Christmas gift in for exchange, and did two loads (well, more like a load and a half) of laundry.

It was a good day.

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