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oh the crazy—redux

December 21, 2007

I promised a follow-up, so here it is!

First, if someone at UPS tells you something you either don’t believe or don’t want to hear, call back and talk to someone else. Yesterday, I called UPS to check on the status of my claim, and the girl I spoke to said she couldn’t tell me anything since I wasn’t the shipper. I told her that the shipper didn’t call in the claim, that there was no problem with the shipper, that I brought it to the attention of UPS, and I was pretty sure the shipper didn’t know there WAS a problem. She said, “No, we’ve been in touch with the shipper. You’ll have to contact them for updates.”

That seemed fishy to me, but I let it go, because I had an exam to take. And I went and took my exam and then did some post-exam shopping, and then came home to get ready to go out and have fun, celebrating the end of the semester.

But this morning, I got nervous—after all, Christmas is on Tuesday, and I still didn’t know if this package was going to arrive on time. So I called UPS again. This time, I got a more helpful—and probably smarter, and possibly less harried—customer service agent. I told her what I’d been told yesterday and she said (and this is EXACTLY what she said and I wish I could replicate her tone), “What? Really?”

So I explained to her that I was getting desperate, and I needed to know something. And she was great. She took a look at the history of my package (and as she was looking at it said something like, “OK, shipped to Texas, and then . . . oh wow, Florida, wow, how did THAT happen . . . what the heck? . . . OK . . . Yeah, we’re still trying to locate that box. Boy that’s strange!). She told me they are still trying to get in touch with Florida Lady. She told me UPS would reimburse the shipper the cost of sending me a new package overnight so it would arrive by Christmas. Though she said I’d need to call them and arrange for the new shipment, she also said if they gave me trouble, to just conference them in with UPS so the UPS people could corroborate my story.

So that’s what I did. (Well, the conference call wasn’t necessary, thank goodness.) The company has already sent out a new package, overnight delivery, and they told me they would deal with UPS from now on, so I didn’t need to worry about anything.

Despite the tremendous hassle this was—from trying (in vain) to reach Florida Lady, to calling UPS multiple times, to calling the shipper multiple times (they’re a small company and don’t appear to have very many more than one customer service person), to being generally very fretful about all of this at a time when I was trying to prepare for my exam—it all worked out pretty well, and I am pretty happy with both UPS and with the company I bought this gift from. With the exception of that one customer service girl, everyone has been very nice and very understanding of how important it is that I get this package before Christmas. They’ve all been very accommodating, and I appreciate that.

I guess this delivery horror story is now just cocktail party fodder. (And I think it will be terrific in that role—I’ve told the story to a few friends already and the universal response has been shock and amazement of the really gratifying kind.) I’m glad everything turned out well enough that I can continue to tell the story and have it be humorous, rather than a reminder of something more bitter and ugly.

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  1. PBB
    December 21, 2007 at 7:12 pm

    Hope it really does arrive! I have to agree, it makes for a pretty great party story.

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