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December 16, 2007

I have a task chair at my desk, and it’s really all I need. My desk is small and compact and I like having a small and compact chair to go with it.

However, the small, compact chair has its drawbacks. Notably, it’s a little unstable if I lean over in it. Usually I can tell if it’s starting to tip in time to correct it, but not always. Even when it does tip, I’m usually right by the futon in the office, so I catch myself—or I’ve got my feet planted on the ground because I’m leaning over in the chair to get something from the printer, so I just end up half-squatting, half-standing while the chair skates across the floor on its side.

Well, yesterday I was leaning over in my chair, towards the futon, because I wanted to play with the dog. The dog was on the futon, blocking my easiest path to safety when the chair skidded out from under me. So I landed on the floor. On my butt. Hard.

It wasn’t fun at the time, but I didn’t think it was all that big a deal. It didn’t bother me at all yesterday afternoon and evening.

But I got up this morning, and my butt hurts. It even hurts to sit on the soft, cushy couch. I’m afraid to actually look at it because I’m sure it’s ugly and bruised. My butt is bruised. Because of my cheap chair.

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