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exam-time rumination

December 8, 2007

And there I went, disappearing on you for another long stretch! This blogging thing is getting harder and harder!

I want to write something on the difference between how I study now versus how I studied two years ago, but I’m also kind of afraid to sit down and think about how I study now versus how I studied two years ago. My grades are, basically, the same as they were then (with the exception of one semester that Shall Never Be Spoken Of), so I’m not really sure how valuable such a post would be—either for anyone reading or for myself. Because the basic gist is that I spend much less time outlining (I do still outline, I just do it more quickly) and much more time zoning out in class (but I do still go to class, only missing when I absolutely can’t help it), but I end up getting the same basic grades.

Or maybe not. My most unexpected (good) grade from last semester was in the class I went to every time but one, paid attention every day, and outlined earliest. My most unexpected (bad) grade was in the class I missed several of, outlined last, and took last. Hm. Maybe I’m wrong about how I study.

In any case, I am super busy right now, finishing up some last-minute stuff for the semester, so I don’t really have the time to give such a post the treatment it deserves. So I’ll make do with this cheery message:

Your grades are what they are. Do your best. Prepare as fully as you can. Take the exam. And then forget about it. If the grade isn’t good, deal with it. Play up your other strengths when you’re interviewing—get involved in a student organization or volunteer with a local legal aid group. Take a clinic. Just remember that you ≠ grades. You’re in law school for a reason. Remember that reason.

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  1. December 8, 2007 at 9:33 pm

    Thank you. 🙂

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