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First week of class, and it feels like mid-semester

September 5, 2007

With the start of classes comes a slew of other responsibilities that are keeping me from writing much here. I’ve been answering questions for new journal members, chasing down sources for last-minute edits, trying to work out my schedule so I can tell fellow group members when I’m available to meet, setting up my study space, and generally just spinning around like a dervish.

I’ve had one class so far, and it was fine—but we didn’t actually do any work. Today things really start up, I guess. The reading was 13 pages. I also have class tomorrow and Friday, but haven’t heard word one about any work to be done before then. So I guess this is an “easy” week class-wise; if only all the other things I have to do were eased up this week also, I’d be in heaven.

This morning’s to-do list, then:

1) Revise instructions for journal members.
2) Pull and collate materials for the class for which I’m a TA. (Is there a better grammatical construction to describe that?)
3) Do some reading for The Task; maybe write something down, too!
4) Reread for class today—I have scanned pages that I can mark on while I wait for my book to arrive. (I have been using a brand new book that needs to go back to the bookstore and haven’t been able to make any margin notes, which KILLS me.)
5) Walk the dog.
6) Eat lunch before I go to school—I have healthier (and cheaper) options here.

I’m sure there are other things I’ll add to that list as the morning goes on. I post it, really, just to show you that third year they do NOT bore you to death. At least not if you’re me. If you’re me, they really squeeze every last bit of work out of you. (Though, to be fair, the “they” is really “me.”)

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