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cable guy

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The cable guy has been here today. We’ve been having persistent problems with our HD channels, and with football season—and the fall lineup—just around the corner, it’s become sort of pressing.

The first cable guy came out in June or July and told us we just needed to tighten the coax cable to the box. That didn’t work.

The second cable guy came out last week and replaced the fitting on the coax cable. That worked for two days and then we lost our HD channels again.

Today, we got a third cable guy. This one is on a “special call”—I guess since we have been having these persistent problems. He came in and checked the signal on all our drops, did some magic with the only drop with a TV connected, and then left. Then he came back, right as I was getting out of the shower. I ran to the door in my bathrobe, only to have him tell me he wanted to check something else, since he’d just been down in the basement. Fine. He called again, twenty minutes ago, as I was getting ready to take the dog out, to tell me he needed to come up one more time, “so I can do a good job for you” to check the drop where our cable modem is plugged in.

My scheduled 8–10 am service window has become half a day. I have things I need to do! I have paperwork to turn in at school, and printouts to pick up from Lexis, and books to check out from the library! This is frustrating! And I keep putting the dog in his kennel so he doesn’t freak out when the cable guy knocks on the door! Poor little guy.

So right now I’m just sitting here, hoping he’ll get here soon and that this’ll be the last time he needs to come in. And that whatever he’s doing really is necessary and that when he leaves, everything will be fixed.

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