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either i'm brilliant or completely off the wall

August 27, 2007

I’ve been working a little on The Task this morning, just running a few Westlaw searches, paging through some articles with some appropriate keywords, and I am a little surprised.

There’s not really much of anything written on what I want to write on.

I didn’t really go into Westlaw this morning intending to do a preemption check—The Task is flexible enough to change if I’m preempted. But now I’m dragging myself through the process of a preemption check because I’m frankly a little astonished. No one has thought to write something similar? No one has tried to draw the connection I’m hoping to draw?

Don’t get me wrong—this is great! It means that, if I can get this thing pounded out, it’ll be fresh, current, and unchallenged. But it also means there’s not a lot out there for me to model my work on, no one whose footsteps I can follow. That’s daunting, folks. The Task just got a little more interesting, though.

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