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August 23, 2007 1 comment

It’s not so much that I like getting caught in the rain, but I can at least deal with being a little wet and bedraggled. What I really dislike is getting caught in the rain right after the wind that accompanies the rain kicks up a huge pile of dust and dirt and grossness, which the rain then GLUES to my skin, hair, and clothes. I think I still have dust in my TEETH, for goodness’s sake.

All that time I spent straightening my hair this morning (in preparation for going and having a new passport photo taken—yes, I’m a bit vain, especially since I was 18 in my last passport photo, wearing a Cosby sweater, and glaring at the camera)? Wasted. Usually a straightening can last two days. My crisp skirt? Totally wilted, not to mention dripping wet and covered in dust and grime. My silk cardigan, that perfectly matches the trim on the skirt? God, I’m not even sure the dry cleaners can fix it—I think the dust is ground in. And my shoes may never, ever recover.

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