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good timing

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Since Mr. Angst is working and I am not (and since my school schedule will be . . . not morning intensive) we have swapped doggie duties—Mr. Angst now gets up and takes Himself out early, and I take him out in the evening.

This evening, I was going to wait till 11 to take him out, since he didn’t need to go out earlier, and that pushes the morning walk back a bit. But by 10:30 I was ready to get into my jammies, pick up a book, and settle in, so I took him down then.

As Himself did his business, I felt a sprinkling of rain—just a bit, just a sprinkling—but by the time we got back to the door, the wind was picking up and the raindrops were just a bit heavier. Whew! I thought. Good thing I decided to bring Himself down a bit early.

Good thing, indeed. Because a few minutes ago, I saw a flash of something out of the corner of my eye, and then another, and another. And then the thunder began. Himself went from sitting on the office couch, which is right under a window, to sitting under my desk, right by my feet, even though the actual difference between the two spots is all of two feet. He’s a little quivery and he’s cowering with every flash and roll. I can only imagine the disaster he’d be if I’d tried to take him out to pee in this.

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OK, so sometimes the internet is a really messed up place.

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