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better to know at 13 than at 23

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Apropos quote of the day:

“Now I wish I had probably gone to another academy because I like computers,” said Akelia, who is 16 and starting her junior year. “When you’re 13, you don’t realize how much work you have to put in to be a lawyer. It’s not like you just go to court, and win or lose, you make a lot of money.”

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entering nerd land

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Just as I finish up (mostly) one task, I take on another. The new task is perhaps nerdier than the one I just completed, and calling it a task is really misleading, since it’s not the sort of thing that just gets done. I’ll be working on it for the next year or so. For now, though, the task (or, The Task, as I think I’ll start referring to it) basically consists of reading a bunch of stuff I don’t know much about in preparation for writing something that will hopefully end up being really cool. I have some leisure time now, so I think tomorrow I’ll be a REAL nerd and take some of this reading material with me when I go get a pedicure. See, you can be a nerd and girly at the same time!

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at least I know how I work

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I am just way too easily distracted. Especially when confronted with an overwhelming amount of minutiae. If I just buckled down and powered through it, I’d be done in a couple of hours. As is it, I’ll probably be working on it for several hours because I have to keep checking my email.

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