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Sunday foodblogging of the best kind

August 12, 2007 6 comments

Our neighborhood has a new Whole Foods, so Mr. Angst and I decided to stroll down there this afternoon and see what special “neighborhood” stuff they have.

Never mind that the store is very spacious, that they have an in-house smoker for all kinds of yummy and different sausages, that they sell wines by the glass, or that they have a really normal floor plan/layout (more like a regular grocery store than a Whole Foods, actually). Forget all of that.

They have the best store-bought flour tortillas I’ve found in this city.

Where I’m from, flour tortillas are easy to come by, usually cheap, and almost always good, even when made in and bought from a grocery store (though the best are always purchased at a taqueria or from someone’s abuela). Here, though, I’ve had trouble finding good tortillas, outside of the Dallas-based chain Mexican restaurant we occasionally eat at. Certainly I’ve never found good tortillas at the grocery store. The best I’ve found were more like the burrito tortillas at Chipotle—serviceable, but nothing spectacular, more a medium for conveying food than a food to be enjoyed for its own flavor.

And that’s the thing. Tortillas should be enjoyed for their flavor. No, they don’t have to be made with lard (as the very best ones are), but they should at least have some texture, some savoriness, some intrinsic yum of their own, separate from whatever deliciousness goes inside them.

Mr. Angst and I have already each enjoyed a warm tortilla with butter. Tomorrow morning (his first day at his new job), I’m planning to get up, make some bacon and scrambled eggs, tossed with some cheese, and assemble the first proper breakfast tacos (or, as they are known in my hometown, taquitos ((I have never understood why anyone calls those rolled-up fried things tacquitos….I always called those flautas…))) we’ve had in this city. And I am really looking forward to it.

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Law School Roundup #82

August 12, 2007 1 comment

Welcome to this week’s Law School Roundup. No real theme, just some interesting posts. School starts up soon, so look for a future Back-to-School edition.

And that’s it! Look for the roundup next week at Evan Schaeffer’s Legal Underground and then back here in two weeks. And feel free to browse around the archives.

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