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lasts and firsts

August 11, 2007


Yesterday was my last day of work. Above all, I’m glad I had the experience of working for a law firm, and I very much enjoyed working at my firm. The people were almost universally terrific and the work was, by and large, interesting. Yes, even the really dull work had interesting components. If things work out that way, I will be very happy to go back there next fall and start my career. If, for some reason, the next year takes us in another direction, I will still be very glad I had the experience—and I’ll be a bit sad to have to turn down my offer.

So that’s probably a pretty standard reaction to the last day of a summer associateship. The not-so-standard response is this: even though I still suspect I won’t spend my career at a law firm, I was really surprised at how easily I could see myself doing so, at least where I worked this summer. I learned quite a bit about myself—how I best work, how I prefer to get feedback, how to make my needs known without being a pill—and by my last week, I was feeling very comfortable, very at home. I was a little surprised, frankly; I kind of figured I’d put up with law firm life because of the paycheck and the experience to be gained, not because I actually found the work rewarding.

So, all in all, it was good summer. It’s a pretty sweet gig, after all, and even sweeter to realize it can be enjoyable even without the lunches and the events.


Today, Mr. Angst and I rented our first Zipcar. We drove out to the suburbs to buy a piece of furniture we’d had our eyes on. Unfortunately, the store that carries this piece of furniture doesn’t do online orders or telephone orders. So we had to drive down there. Worth it? Totally. We’ll have to go back down next weekend to pick it up, so I’ve already reserved another Zipcar, one large enough to carry it back home.

At any rate, I’m so glad we finally did the Zipcar thing. Getting it was easy, filling it with gas was easy, everything about it was EASY. Easier than renting a car, certainly. I wouldn’t get a Zipcar for everyday use—we’re still close enough to the grocery store to walk there and back with a cart—but for those odd occasions when we need to go somewhere in a car, it’s definitely worth it.

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