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school days, starting soon

August 7, 2007

Class selection happened today. I both won and sort of lost. I won in that I got the clinic I wanted—and I am thrilled. So don’t think I’m complaining.

I lost in that I did not get the core curriculum course I need to take. And I missed out on it by 1 point. I bid ONE POINT too low to get the class. And it’s a class I NEED. Or, rather, it’s a class that I should take, given that I don’t know a lot about the subject and it covers material that will be on the bar, and there are a lot of other bar courses I will not be taking. ((OK, fine, enough mystery. I missed out on Business Associations. Argh!))

There’s still another round of course bidding and I’m the second person on the waitlist, so I’m hopeful I’ll still get in to the class. There’s also another section, at an undesireable time, that didn’t fill, so I might try and get into that one during add-drop if I don’t get into the good time off the waitlist.

Meanwhile, I need to draft something for the research project I’m hoping to do this fall—I think the registrar wants something written before they’ll approve it. Also I need to draft some cover letters. And polish up my writing sample. And do something about my resumes, since some of the judges I’m applying to note certain preferences that I can play up if I modify my resume a bit. And I need to finish up my last duties for the summer issue of the journal.

Basically, I have a bunch of stuff to do. Thank goodness I only have three days left of work, since I don’t know when I’d find the time to get all of it knocked out otherwise.

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  1. ltg
    August 8, 2007 at 6:13 am

    Trust me on this, you don’t need Business Assocations. My third year I also thought I should probably take Corporations because it would be on the bar, even though fewer things bore me than that particular subject. Anyway, I spent two weeks in Corps before I just couldn’t take it anymore, transfered to a class on Chinese legal institutions, and loved it. Sure, the chances of the bar exam having an essay related to Chinese law were pretty slim, but it was worth not hating going to class every day.

    My school didn’t really require us to take any bar-related courses, and I still passed easily. You’re a smart kid; Bar-Bri will fill in the rest. So I say missing out on BA is a blessing in disguise.

  2. August 12, 2007 at 12:30 am

    FWIW, I hated BizAss. It’s excruciatingly, head-pounding-on-the-desk dull (and I had it first thing in the morning, twice a week — I fought to keep my eyes open every freakin’ class) and the material you’ll need for the bar won’t be very complex. ltq is right — take something you’ll enjoy instead!

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