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the hallows, they are deathly. (not a spoiler, don't freak out)

July 25, 2007

So for everyone concerned, my Harry Potter did arrive on Monday, as it was supposed to, even though DHL couldn’t manage to update its tracking information. For at least three hours after it was delivered, DHL’s package tracker was still telling me my book was in transit from Ohio on Sunday morning.

Ah well–the price we pay, right?

At any rate, Mr. Angst was home, so he got to read it first. I read it yesterday. And it was good. No spoilers here, but I will note that a couple of my guesses (made after Book 6) were pretty spot on. So, yay! I’m now in the middle of reading it a second time, because that’s what I have to do when I’ve blazed through a book the first time–I have to go back in and get the nuance. Mr. Angst is taking the more extreme measure of rereading all six prior books so he can go in and pick up all the little references Rowling makes to events that occurred in those books.

With that, though, I have to run. Work calls!

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  1. LL
    July 25, 2007 at 8:24 am

    I finished it in the NICU yesterday- so good! You can really tell that she had an end in mind when she started the series, which makes such a difference in how well things are tied up. I definitely need to re-read it too, but I think I may take Mr. Angst’s approach. I haven’t read any of the books since they originally came out, so I know I was missing things in Number 7. I teared up a little at the end, I really enjoyed that series and the characters- I’ll miss them!

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