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another moving update

June 4, 2007

Apparently I don’t sleep any more. I go to bed late and I get up early. I wake up hours, or at least significant portions of an hour, before my alarm goes off. I can’t go back to sleep, even when I try thinking about the really cool dream I was having (and that almost always works).

I’m hoping this extended stretch of psuedo-insomnia (insomnia for me, who is accustomed to sleeping 8 hours at LEAST) is only related to the journal duties I’ve essentially finished (for the time) and the move. I’m hoping I’ll sleep like a baby on Tuesday night. I’m hoping this lack of sleep isn’t affecting me in other ways.

In any case, the apartment is very nearly completely packed up–we have all the most important stuff in boxes. All of the food is still in its usual place, but I’m less worried about my spices and nonperishables (and the scant collection of stuff in the fridge) than I am about things like the cover and pillows on the futon and bed (must be packed up by 8 am tomorrow) as well as the ulcer I’m pretty sure Himself is developing. Lucky for him, he gets to go to the vet today and play with his friends. When he comes home, he’ll be coming home to a new place. I hope it’s as much a relief for him as it will be for me.

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