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a moving update

June 3, 2007

After a full day of boxing stuff up, I now actually feel like we’re moving this week. We have only a narrow strip of floor to walk on, foam peanuts and packing paper litters the floor in the kitchen, and I’m starting to get that edgy tummy feeling.

It’s always this way for the few days leading up to a move with me. I start to feel really crappy about moving, between getting nostalgic about the place we’re leaving and dreading having to get settled in the new place. And it’s not just about getting our stuff settled in. It’s more about me getting settled in–finding the neighborhood spots as well as learning the tricks about which outlets are switched and how best to arrange the clothes in the closet.

So I’m in that place right now. The next day and a half won’t be fun. But when I go home from work on Tuesday, I’ll be going home to a new place, and that’ll be really nice. ((As stressed out as I am right now, too, I can’t imagine how much worse I’d be if we didn’t have a full month left to get everything out of the current place. The money guilt isn’t enough to make me regret that decision.))

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