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what's going on in my life

May 28, 2007

Um, I haven’t been posting much, have I? (Nothing substantive, at least.) That’s because I’ve been really busy. The end of my week saw me scrambling to finish up an assignment at work (it had to be done by Friday), spending some time in the library, working on some journal stuff, visiting with some in-town family, and packing some boxes. Today, that family that are visiting are going to help us trot a load of stuff up to our new place. Our lease doesn’t start till Friday, but we have the keys already and they’re in town with a car, and I just want to drop off things I don’t trust the movers with or that are a pain to box up (like, our china and crystal and our stacks of winter coats). I’m planning to just tuck the stuff away–we’re not moving in yet or anything, we’re just taking advantage of the available vehicle. And did I mention we already have the keys?

A few other notes:

1) I have decided no one should start a sentence with the word “Thus.”
2) Himself knows something is going on–he’s been sort of squidgy for a couple of days now, and I think he’s worried we’re going to move away without him.
3) I am selling a bunch of stuff (furniture-type things), so if you’re in my city, let me know if you want a coffee table or some bookshelves. Or a baker’s rack.

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