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rain, rain, go away, come again when i have an umbrella

May 15, 2007

This afternoon, a big thunderstorm rolled in (actually, just as I was leaving lunch–we made it back into the building with only seconds to spare). By the time I was ready to leave this afternoon, I wondered how I would get home, since I didn’t have an umbrella. I contemplated taking a cab, but as I walked outside, I noticed it wasn’t raining anymore. Yay! I thought, I can take the train after all!. Onto the train I hopped, still using my student pass (good for three more days!), popped in my headphones, and tuned out. Until I got to my stop, when I noticed that not only was it not not raining in my neighborhood, it was POURING. Hm. I thought. What to do? I had a few options: make a mad dash to the drugstore and buy and umbrella–and come close to ruining my dry-clean-only clothes; wait for the rain to let up–an unlikely prospect; or call someone to come get me with an umbrella. (NB: Someone = Mr. Angst) Three guesses which option I chose? (Ha ha, see that’s a trick, because there are only three options. So you’d have to eventually get it right. Right? See?)

Anyhoo, that was my day. (No, actually, there was more to my day. Boring, though, and not postable.) I have some editing to do tonight (fun!) and then it’s back to the 9-to-5 tomorrow.

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