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May 12, 2007

Last night, Mr. Angst and I and four friends dropped a chunk of change eating at one of our favorite restaurants. It was pricey, but it was SO worth it. Six courses, four bottles of wine, and 18 hours later, I’m still reeling from the yum.

Of course, two of the friends we ate with are off today for their summers in another city, so that’s a little sad. It’s actually very easy to get sort of mopey this time of year when all my 3L friends are graduating and moving, and my 2L friends are scattering to the far corners of the country for the summer. At the same time, I’m getting really excited to start working on Monday–to get up and have someplace to go that’s not class, that requires me to actually spend some time getting ready in the morning. I’m basically just really excited to have a regular schedule again. I never thought I’d crave it so much.

Anyway, it’s a beautiful day outside, but I’m spending the afternoon trudging through some cite-checking so I won’t be completely guilty over my lack of progress this week. At least I’m at home–but I think tomorrow’s schedule is going to have to include some library time.

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