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sunny with a chance of studying

April 28, 2007

If anything could cement my desire to move (again, for the fourth time in three two years ((Mr. Angst has corrected me, and this makes it even worse. FOUR MOVES in TWO YEARS. Seriously barf.))) it would be the fact that we’ve had to flee our home today to get any work done because our upstairs neighbors are playing their music too loud. I’m sure they have no idea how loud their music is to us–this isn’t bad faith on their part–but that doesn’t make the noise tolerable. At all. Even worse, their stereo is DIRECTLY above our table, where I do the bulk of my work, so I bear the brunt of it.

Lest I seem completely negative about the whole thing, I’ll note how delightful it is to be out of the apartment today, even if just for the duration of a walk to the coffeehouse. It’s about 80 degrees, sunny, breezy, and absolutely DELIGHTFUL outside. I can see the sunshine from our table, as well as all the people in their shorts and flip flops, walking their (very happy) dogs. Things could be worse.

Studying update: I’m halfway through my Admin outline, and I’m pretty pleased with it. I’ve also decided not to worry about the jinxing effect of saying such things–confidence is the name of the game, really, when it comes to law school, so I’m letting myself feel good about the work I’ve done for this class so far.

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