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movin' on up, for real this time, and literally

April 25, 2007

OK. I have written a check for the deposit. The landlord has confirmed our preferred move-in date. We have to be approved by the building management (a formality, apparently), reserve our move-in date with the building, and pay some weird fee for the freight elevator. We also have to sign the lease, get keys and the garage clicker, and, oh yes, give notice to our current landlord. But it’s basically a done deal, and I am SO excited.

But I have questions:

First, do I wait till we’ve signed the lease to give notice to our current landlord? The building approval is a formality, yes, but it’s still a hoop, right? I want to give our landlord enough time that if he wants to rent it out half a month early, say, he has time to do that. (We’re doubling a month, sigh.)

Second, is it OK for me to get a little freaked out right now? I LOVE the apartment we’re moving into and would sign a two year lease HAPPILY if it weren’t for the pesky issue of possible clerkships not in Our Current City (and job opportunities for Mr. Angst that could take us to Places East). But it’s a little spendier than I had hoped we’d end up paying (even though totally worth it, I think), and, well, we’re having to move again. And pay for movers and probably some new furniture and all that transition stuff.

I am guessing the second question arises from a little bit of buyer’s remorse–fairly typical of me, I think. But it’s still not pleasant to be so twitchy and nervousy.

Oh, and also? I only have about half of my brief written, and it’s due tomorrow. Eek!

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  1. anon
    April 25, 2007 at 11:17 pm

    no worries on spending more on an apartment – you’ll be at a firm this summer – plenty of money! šŸ™‚ seriously, my spouse and I pay a lot for an apartment, and sometimes i shudder to think how much, but most of the time I just love that I really like where I live.

    if it were me, I’d put the notice in w/o the formality.

  2. k
    April 26, 2007 at 4:06 pm

    Yeah, I think we’ll just give notice with May’s rent. That’s actually 60 days notice, and still plenty of time for me to advertise the place on and around campus. I actually think our current apartment is a pretty great deal and a good place to live, if you aren’t super-duper sensitive to noise. (We are, so bad fit.)

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