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a pretty nice little Wednesday

March 21, 2007

Hooray! Upon the advice of my security-minded husband (and with his long-distance help) ((And I should mention, he helped me very ably and patiently, even though I know he hates doing IT support, all while trying to comfort our poor dog, who is terrified of thunderstorms, which apparently Our City is experiencing. I have the best spouse EVAR.)), I have set up a wireless network for my dad. He doesn’t need the wireless, but he does need the extra security a wireless router provides his desktop computer. (Note to people using desktop computers: don’t just plug them directly into the cable modem. Not secure! Easy way to get viruses and spyware!)

At any rate, thus endeth the internet drought for Yours Truly. I can check my email when I want, and without having to have my pops log into his desktop machine. Frankly, it’s probably a bad thing; I don’t need my internet addiction to be enabled. But I do have work to do over the next couple of days, and internet access helps. It’s like a food addiction–you can’t stop eating, so you have to figure out how to manage the addiction. I’m working on it, man, working on it.

Tonight, even, I’m dragging myself away from the computer to go see a basketball game with my dad. It’s a good Spring Break day, though, when you do three or four hours of work-that-needs-to-be-done, get a round of visiting in with a well-liked cousin, do some handiwork (that would be the setting up of the wireless network), and still manage to go to a professional sporting event. This is what EVERY break should be like!

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