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I don't actually think she can sue for this

March 19, 2007

Doesn’t this seem like a classic case of parody? And isn’t parody protected? Sigh.

Also, I’m leaving for my “vacation” today–off to visit family in warmer climes. Do you know how hard it is to pack for warmer weather when you can’t remember what 75° feels like? I hope I brought warm enough stuff; I also hope I didn’t bring stuff that’s TOO warm. Sigh.

Mr. Angst, however, will not be coming with me–he will stay here, taking care of the dog, studying for a certification test, and meeting with potential employers. (He graduates in three months! Yay!) Which is all good stuff, but I wish he were coming with me to visit family. Sigh.

Hm. I appear to be full of sighs today.

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