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March 12, 2007

I just noticed, a few minutes ago, that my comments seem to be broken–and have been for about four days! This is a bad, my friends, a bad bad. But maybe it’s the kick in the pants I need–I’ve been contemplating moving to a new location, since I’ve mooched off our good friend the imbroglio, owner and keeper of the Blawg Coop, for long enough.

The deal is that I really dread dealing with installing and maintaining any blogging installation myself. Not that I don’t think I’m capable; I just don’t have the time anymore to fiddle around with code for hours at a stretch. But I kind of want to actually use my domain name, rather than the subdomain I’ve been using. So I’m researching some options right now; until I’ve made a move, though, if you want to respond to anything I’ve posted, just email me. We’ll get this thing figured out eventually.

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