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Sunday grouchyblogging

March 4, 2007


I sat straight up in bed. My heart was racing. I felt hot. I looked at the clock: 3:15. AM. Some *%!$&# downstairs buzzed our apartment at 3:15! The dog started barking. Shush!

Once again, I was up in the middle of the night. I tried to go back to sleep, but the stress came pouring in, chasing the sheep away. So I tiptoed to the computer, worked for a bit, and went back to bed. Where I lay, sleepless, for two more hours. There goes my Sunday productivity.

I managed, somehow, though, to get up at a decent hour and get working on things that Needed To Be Done Yesterday; even if I’m not writing as much as I need to be, I’m not wasting too much time. But there were other things I wanted to do this morning that just didn’t happen, because someone buzzed us at 3:15.

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