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production is good

March 3, 2007

I like feeling productive. And today I have actually BEEN productive. Not, perhaps, as productive as I could have been had I gotten started earlier, not wasted time dithering around online, etc., but productive nonetheless. There’s something about sitting down and working on something that reminds you that the mountain in front of you is actually not so steep, and that it’s maybe more like a very large hill, and that you can, in fact, make it to the top and down the other side without having to forgo sleep and food and general health.

In other words, I’m revising my comment, hopefully for the last time (at least, hopefully for the last time this semester). Still ahead: a whole paper to write (due in approximately two weeks), a presentation section to put together (research: done, which is more than I can say for the paper), and another thing to put together by next (not this, but next) Monday. And some extracurricular stuff to work on that will keep me busy, ack. All is well, though–remember, I was PRODUCTIVE today. Unlike most Saturdays.

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