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laundry woes

February 18, 2007

My landlord called today.

I didn’t answer in time–we were at a Lunar New Year parade, and I didn’t notice my phone ringing. He left a message though, and that’s good, because he was calling to talk about our missing laundry machines.

Missing laundry machines? That’s right. Missing.

On Thursday, when I was home working, the laundry machine repair man buzzed my apartment asking if I could let him into the basement. I let him in, and came back upstairs and kept doing work. Our machines had a tendency to break, and when they weren’t broken, the coin boxes would be full, so the repair guy was here at least once a month. Mr. Angst mentioned letting the repair guy in before since he didn’t have his own key to the room, so it wasn’t a big deal that he needed to be let in that day.

I intended to do laundry today, so I hadn’t been back down there to realize that the guy wasn’t actually repairing the machines. Instead, he was taking them. It turns out the contract between my landlord and this company, the company that both leased the machines to him and took care of the repair and all, was up. A few months ago, we noticed the washing machine had gotten more expensive by a quarter and our landlord figured they went ahead and did that because they wanted to make some more money on these machines, and could raise the price since they were out of contract. It was kind of pissy, but whatever.

Well, I guess that price raise was just a trial run, to see if the machines would remain cost effective at a higher price, and I guess the company decided that, no, they weren’t, in a building with three apartments occupied by two couples and three never-home young professionals. So the machines were loaded up, presumably shortly after I let the repair guy in. They didn’t even tell our landlord–one of the other tenants had to call and ask where the machines were!

Thankfully, we’re getting new machines on Tuesday, machines our landlord owns and maintains. I expect they’ll at least be new, if not better, and I hope he goes back to the original price for both washing and drying. Even if he doesn’t, though, new machines at a slightly higher price can’t be a bad thing. It’s also much nicer to call the landlord for repairs than call the number stickered onto the machines and hope the message gets from the local answering service to whoever arranges for repairs. That was always fun.

For the next few days, then, I’ll be dragging the bottom of the barrel for clothes. I think I’ll drop a couple of shirts off at the cleaners in the morning, though, so I have a shirt to wear for tomorrow night’s Moot Court round.

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